Known forever

Julia manquil has lived next door to the Horans since she was about five. But never got the courage to talk to them. I mean their parents talk, but not Julia and Niall. They don't hate eachother they both just get a little shy. But will something bring them closer then ever before? Read this "Niall fan-fiction"


11. Movie night

Julia POV

      After Louis ran into my room and yelled that he did the same to Niall. Then Perrie runs up the stares and into my room and says, " hey get your pajamas on we're going to watch movies an play games and make popcorn and other foods!" I smiled and nodded my head. I got my pink button up pajama shirt on with pink pajama pants on. They are boy so soft! Perrie and I race eachother down the stairs and into the living room. Perrie sits next to Zayn and I sit next to her and Louis. Then Niall walks down with his pajamas. He then says to Louis, " dude scoot over that's my spot!" Then Louis talks back to Niall like a baby, "Awwww does little Niall wanna sit next to his girly fwiend!!!" Then Niall yells, "shut up Louis just scoot over!" Me and Perrie start to laugh and she whispers in my ear, "ooooo la la!!!" I laugh harder and then Louis says to Niall, "nah I'm good I'll sit right where I am!" Then Niall does something I did not expect. He picks me up throws me over his shoulder and then sits me down on there other side of the couch and sits next to me. Then Perrie raises her eye brows up and down to me and my face expression is just so shocked. Then Louis and Liam start cracking up laughing. Then Harry walks in and sits where I was sitting before Niall moved me. Then Liam asks, "so what movie are we going to watch?" We all think and then Louis yells, "Happy Gilmore!" I then ask, "isn't that about the golfer who goes nuts and cusses a lot and has anger issues?" Then Louis responds, " you bet!" Then Perrie says, "sweet! Let's watch it!" Liam walks over to the movie stand and grabs the case out and opens it to take the movie out. He enters the disc and then says, "ok Niall go make the popcorn!" Niall squeels like a little girl and runs into the kitchen. I couldn't help myself but laugh. Then Louis says to me, "hey he isn't funnier than me!!!" I smile and say, "whatever you say Lou." Niall comes back in with a huge bowl of popcorn and puts it on the coffee table in front of the couch. Right now I'm sitting the left side of the couch all the way at the end with Niall on the other side of me. Liam is sitting on the floor in front of me, Louis is next to Niall, Harry is between Louis and Perrie in my old spot, clerks is between Harry and Zayn, and Zayn is at the other end of the couch with Perrie at his free side. Liam presses play and grabs a hand full of popcorn. Of course Niall grabs a hand full to. We start watching the movie and me and Perrie keep laughing. It's not because of the movie, it's because she keeps looking at me and raising her eye brows up and down. Then all the sudden Niall grabs my hand. I was shocked for a second but then he whispers, " it's ok." I smile and hold his hand tighter to. The move I ends quickly and then Zayn says, "ok let's play a game then another movie!" We all agree and decide that we'll play hide in seek in the dark. I heard that this game can get a little pervert sometimes. We pick who gets to count first by doing rock, paper, scissors. Of course, I have to count first. Louis shut all the lights off and they told me to count to 30 so I began. I put my face into one of the couch pillows so I couldn't see. I got to 30 and I yelled, "ready or not here i come!" I walked through the house and wow it was dark. I heard whispering and it started to freak me out cause I couldn't find who was whispering. I felt like someone was watching me, I started to get nervous and really scared. My hands were all sweaty and my forehead to. I walked into the kitchen and I saw a pare of eyes. I screamed so loud and fell. All I heard was and Irish voice say, "Jesus Christ! Are you ok???" 

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