Known forever

Julia manquil has lived next door to the Horans since she was about five. But never got the courage to talk to them. I mean their parents talk, but not Julia and Niall. They don't hate eachother they both just get a little shy. But will something bring them closer then ever before? Read this "Niall fan-fiction"


8. It's just right

Julia POV

      Later on that day me and Perrie took a walk on the beach. She then says, "so what do you think of Niall?" I look at her confused and ask, "what do you mean?" She laughs and then says, "I can tell the way he looks at you that he likes you, he looks at you protective, and caring, and you can just simply tell he has something for you!" I looked at her shocked and respond, "i doubt it, we just have the same past that's all. He most likely just wants to be friends." She then says, "ok whatever you say." We walk back up to the house and take off are flip flops by the front door. We enter the house and all the boys are sitting on the ground in a circle. Then Perrie asks them, "what are you boys up to?" Then Louis responds, "we're going to play truth or dare, you girls are just on time come play with us!" Harry covers his face with his hand and says to Louis, "watch at what you say Louis! That sounds so wrong!" Me and Perrie laugh a bit and she walks over to Zayn and sits next to him in the circle. I'm not actually sure where I fit in. But I caught on right away when Niall patted the ground for me to sit next to him. I did so and then Louis asks, "so how are we going to figure out who is the person who asks somebody first?" Then Zayn says, "well how about rock, paper, scissors?" We nod are heads and all start. In the end Perrie won so she had to truth or dare somebody first. She picked Niall and asks, "truth or dare?" He then responds, "Dare!" She laughs and says, "ok I dare you for the rest of the game only wear your boxers!" Me and Perrie start laughing and he nods his head and walks into the bathroom. He only comes out with a pair of black boxers on. I look at Perrie and I see her whisper something to all to the boys exept Niall. She doesn't tell me either. Then it was Zayns turn to truth or dare and he picked me. He then asks, "truth or dare?" I then responds with, "I'll do truth the first time but don't worry I'll do dares to." He nods his head and says, "ok Do you have a crush on someone?" I look at the ground and think. I really can't lie so I say, "well I don't know, maybe I guess?" His eyes become wide and so does Nialls. Then Perrie just grins a bit. I was confused, what is she up to? It was Louis's turn to truth or dare somebody and he picked Perrie. They whispered back and forth so that me and Niall couldn't hear. Then Louis says, "ok done who truth or dares now?" I was confused and so was Niall but we just went along with it. It  was Liam's turn to truth or dare somebody and he picked niall again. He then asks, "truth or dare?" Niall picks truth this time and Liam asks, "do you have a crush one somebody?" Nialls nods his head and my heart starts to beat faster. I don't know why, it just does. It was Harry's turn to truth or dare and he picks Niall, again! He then asks, "truth or dare?" Then niall says, "dare, and I don't know why you guys keep picking me?" Then Harry says, "I dare you to.........kiss Julia!" My heart skips a beat and now I know what they were all whispering about earlier. Then Harry says, "it's a dare you know!" Then Niall responds snappy, "only if Julia is ok with it." I nod my head and we face eachother. His eyes are perfect, those ocean crystal blue eyes. Are lips meet and it was......perfect. All I hear Harry day is, "guys ok long enough! We get the point! Dare over! Ewwww!!!!"

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