Known forever

Julia manquil has lived next door to the Horans since she was about five. But never got the courage to talk to them. I mean their parents talk, but not Julia and Niall. They don't hate eachother they both just get a little shy. But will something bring them closer then ever before? Read this "Niall fan-fiction"


6. Beach house

 Julia POV

     We finally arrived at the house and I got out of the car quickly and looked at the view! It was beautiful, the way the crystal clear water, and the flawless beach lines up with the huge, beautiful, stone house, it's just so pretty and beautiful! It really is! Niall walks up next to me and says, "so you like it?" I look at home and say, "no, i love it!" He laughs and starts to walk up towards the house. The rest of the boys grab their bags and run up to the house, while me and Perrie help eachother with ours. We walk inside and then Niall says, "ok Harry you get the room all the way in the back hallway, Zayn and Perrie will get the room second to the left on the third floor, Louis is the first to the right on the third floor, Liam third to left on third floor, Julia will get first one to the right on the second floor, and I'll get the first to the left on the second floor. So Julia if you need anything I'll be right across from you." I smile and say, "ok." Niall leads me to my room while everyone else went to theirs to unpack. We walk in and woah! It's huge with a walk in closet and a huge bathroom! It has a patio with a huge view to! Then Niall says, "I knew you would like it." I put my bag and guitar on the huge bed and walk out onto the patio. The view is beautiful, you can see the whole beach! Nia walks up next to me and then sighed. He then said, "listen julia, I know you may not know me well and you may not know my friends well but if you need a shoulder to cry on I'm here, if you need someone to talk to I'm here, me and you went through the same thing. I'm expecially sorry for you cause your mom didn't quit, I'm sorry but please talk with me I'll help you through this, i really like you Julia." I get teared up and hug Niall, he did care , for the first time somebody cared! He then whispered, "I'm here for you." I nod my head and we walk back into the room. Then Niall said, "well I'll let you unpack and I'm going to do the same. Call me if you need anything!" I nod my head and smiled.

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