Aurora Marane is a typical 17 year old girl who hasn't quite found the right guy yet. She doesn't like anyone, until she meets Zander. Zander is a mysterious and hot boy that catches Aurora's eye. But he has a secret, one that will drag Aurora to places she never thought could exist.


7. Zander's Body

I almost began crying as I saw Zander lay there, probably in excruciating pain. “Why are you here?” Said the unknown man, he was tall and slender wearing black dress pants and shoes with a long red undershirt and a black coat that went down just past his knees. “I want answers.” “You don’t need our an-” “Xavier shut it, if the girl wants answers lets give them to her.” With a large evil grin on his face the tall man said with a thunderous voice, “Let’s entertain our guest.” With that the tall man literally burst out of his skin and turned into a large wolf, exactly like the one I saw in my dream. Before I could scream Xavier pushed me towards Zander and shifted into a tan wolf himself. I fell to the floor crawling to Zander crying. “Zander please wake up I’m scared and I don’t know what to do. The two wolves were circling each other on the wooden floorboards and the tan wolf leaped forward and sunk his teeth into the side of the other wolf. I heard muted whimpers but that soon turned into snarls and growls as both wolves began biting and scratching each other. “Please Zander I don’t know what’s happening, I, I need you right now.” I heard Zander groan again and realized he wasn’t going to help me even if he woke up. So I ran, I ran out of the house and to my car, I guess I dropped my keys inside because I couldn’t find them anywhere. So I ran deep into the woods. I kept running until I couldn’t run anymore. I stopped and sat on a log. Breathing deeply and my mouth screaming for water, I wiped my face of sweat and dust and just began crying to myself. What have I gotten myself into? What did I see back there? I now knew my hallucination was real. Did Zander turn into one of them? A wolf? My cries were quickly silenced when I heard footsteps coming towards me. Wait no not footsteps, these thumps were much louder, much bigger. I shot up and ran for my life. I turned around quickly and there it was, a brown wolf with a grey stripe on it’s side was right there in front of me. I fell on my back and I was frozen, preparing myself for what was about to happen. I screamed and the wolf lunged at me and pinned me to the ground. He looked me in the eyes and shot his head up and howled to the moon then I felt it. The sharp pain I’d only dreamt of, the fear I was forever trying to run away from. My vision went blur as I felt the wolves claws digging deeper into my sides and I yelled out, “ZANDER HELP ME!” Out of nowhere a large black wolf lunged on top of the wolf attacking me and knocked him down, as they were fighting I got the strength to stand up and slowly began walking back to the house. Everything around me a slow moving blur, the one thing on my mind was this pain. I’ve never felt a pain like this before and I wanted it to stop. It needed to stop. I don’t want to die, not like this. I still have a future, a good one. With that thought I fell to my knees at the borderline of the woods and Zander’s house and heard one last wolf growl and I blacked out.


The suspense.....

I'm done :3

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