Aurora Marane is a typical 17 year old girl who hasn't quite found the right guy yet. She doesn't like anyone, until she meets Zander. Zander is a mysterious and hot boy that catches Aurora's eye. But he has a secret, one that will drag Aurora to places she never thought could exist.


5. Monster

I remembered on my I-Phone you could find other I-Phones by typing in the number so I did and I found an address of where his phone was. It was about a 15 minute drive and I thought why not? He lives alone anyways right? I put a note on the counter for my mom then I got in my car and started driving and put the address into my GPS. I passed like two cemeteries I never even knew this town had and finally pulled up to a lone gate with not many houses around and lots of trees. He lives in the woods? I pressed a button on the gate and the gate slowly began to open. I pulled up to what looked like a very old run down two story house. It was painted greyish but there was debris all over the house with cracked walls and dust everywhere. What a creepy place. Before I got out of my car I saw the figure again. The man I saw outside of the window at school. “Hi, are you Zander’s friend?” Wow he was extremely good looking for someone in his 30’s. “Ummm, yeah we were supposed to hang out today?” “Sorry he’s not available right-” “Sure I’m available right now” Zander walked out of the creepy house with a smile on his face. His man friend looked extremely mad at Zander and stood there like stone. “Let’s go Rora.” He winked at me and got into the passenger seat. I tried my best not to look at the hot man statue and focused on putting the keys in the ignition. Once we were driving away Zander got serious and quickly said, “Is he still there?” I looked in the rearview mirror. “Yeah he looks like a statue.”

“Gosh I hate that guy.” “Who is he?” “That’s my uhh, Uncle, he’s the one who came down to check up on me.” “Why’d he tell me you weren’t available?” “He doesn’t want me out tonight.” “Why tonight?” “It’s a full moon, that’s when all the kids get the craziest, if you know what I mean, he doesn’t want me turning into a, a bad kid.” “Well you’re not a bad kid right?” “Right, now where are we going miss?” “Oh right, do you wanna go to the park? They have a gorgeous lake with cute duck families and we could feed them and enjoy the scenery.” “So it’s a peaceful setting? Yeah I’d like that.” We drove to the park jamming out to songs on the radio and laughing our heads off. We pulled up into the parks parking lot and he asked, “So how’d you figure out where I live?” “Oh, uhhh, not to be creepy but I put your number into my phone and it gave me your address so I thought why not? Sorry if it was bad timing.” “No no it was perfect timing, thanks for coming.” We both got out of the car and I asked, “Why are you always in the black leather jacket?” “The same reason you’re always wearing oversized sweaters, I like it.” “You’ve only known me two days, and you think I wear them all the time?” His body language turned nervous and to break the awkwardness I ran and yelled, “I have a stalker ahhhhh.” Laughing he ran after me and I found he was very fast, he caught up to me in what felt like two seconds. “Wow you’re fast bro.” “It’s in my genetics.” There it was again, that adorable wink that he has, it gave me butterflies when he did it. It was just so freaking cute. “Well I’m faster, I’ll have you know I ran a mile in 2.5 minutes.” “Really?” He looked shocked. “Hahahaha no silly goose.” He picked me up and put me over his shoulder shrek style and walked toward the lake. “I swear if you throw me in I will cut you!” “Don’t worry chica” He gently set me down on a very soft patch of grass and sat next to me. “Zander there’s a machine right over there that gives you bird food, heres 50 cents.” As I gave him the money his sleeve revealed a large bite mark on his wrist. “Woah what’s tha-” “It’s nothing” He shot up and began walking to the machine. Must bring back bad memories. I shut my mouth and watched him walk away. He was so incredibly handsome in every way possible. He had the perfect body, perfect tan, perfect smile, everything about him was just, handsome.

I looked down and made sure my breath didn’t smell bad and watched as he walked back with the bird food. “Hooray for bird food.” “Hahaha you really know how to make me laugh girl.” We sat in silence as we watched the small chicks waddle close enough for us to toss pieces of food. “Rora this is really nice.” “Why do you call me Rora?” He put on a big grin. “Because it has a nice ring to it.” “Funny, I say the same thing.” “Is it ok if I call you that?” “Of course biker boy haha.” Once we ran out of food for the little waddlers we went to the playground I climbed on top of the monkey bars and it was around 8ish by now, the sun was setting. “Hey biker boy, come up here, the view is beautiful.” In one swoop he was sitting right next to me. “How on earth did you just do that?” “I got my own skills.” This made me laugh so hard I let go of the bar and fell backwards, before I could even scream I was midair in Zander’s arms a little close for comfort. “How did you just?, but you were up, and I was-” I heard him mutter “This isn’t supposed to happen like this. I watched as his eyes turned golden again and he suddenly looked a lot bigger. “RUN NOW!” I ran to my car but it was all a blur because I began crying because I was so scared. I tripped on something, great, now I was in one of those lame horror stories where the girl falls and gets killed. Thinking of this I looked back but saw nothing. Absolutely nothing.

New chapter EEEEEEEEEPP ^.^

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