Aurora Marane is a typical 17 year old girl who hasn't quite found the right guy yet. She doesn't like anyone, until she meets Zander. Zander is a mysterious and hot boy that catches Aurora's eye. But he has a secret, one that will drag Aurora to places she never thought could exist.


3. Locker

Fifth period flew by in a flash and before I knew it we were off to our sixth period class. “What class do you have next?” I asked. He replied with a bland study hall. I had AP Bio with Nat so I said a quick see ya later biker boy and I was off. On my way to class I was debating whether or not I tell Nat about Zander or just keep my mouth shut. I don’t know just something about Zander is different from any boy I’ve ever met. He’s a bit strange but to me it feel right, normal even. Is that weird? I guess for a first day it wasn’t so bad at all, I made a new guy friend which was pretty cool. But this Zander kid does have something mysterious about him that I just can’t put my finger on, hmmm, maybe he’s foreign.

On the first day everyone’s lunch was the same period and today they made it sixth period. So no AP Bio for me and Nat; YAY! “So how’s your first day little miss Rora?” That made me giggle. “The usual, go to class, learn stuff, ya know.” “And did you think I wouldn’t find out about you and Zander?” “Woahhhh what?!” “Only every girl all over him is talking about it! *in a prissy voice* Zander and Aurora were making out at his locker between classes.” “Ok, no definitely not, I was helping him out and then we walked to class, not once did our lips make contact.” “Oh, but I’m sure in your head they were, give me the deets.” “Well, he looked confused at his locker so I went up and opened it for him, that’s it.” “I believe you, you’re nothing like me. You’d never kiss on the first date.... HAHAHAH.” We burst out laughing and it ended with us both spotting Zander. “Speak of the devil Rora, it’s your man.” “He’s not my anything Nat, chil.” “Ok ok I’ll drop it, but only because it’s the first day and the poor guy is new here, let’s go sit with him.” Before I could even object Nat was halfway across the courtyard waving for Zander to walk over. Oh wonderful, have I not seen him almost every hour today? Lets not make it another whole hour of lunch with him.

“Hi Zander, my name is Natalie, but you can call me Nat.” The way she bat her eyelashes at him and put her arm on his shoulder made me wanna cry on the floor laughing. “Don’t mind her Zander she’s like this all the time, right Nat.” “Oh sure, it’s just my personality hehe.” “It’s fine, a lot of girls have been doing this to me all day, I’m kind of used to it now.” Suddenly his whole mood changed and he looked angry but worried and I saw him glance behind him out of a window and at first he didn’t say anything he just sat there. Then he got up and excused himself for a moment. It wasn’t until he left that I saw a figure of a man, shy of six feet and wearing clothes similar to Zander with a cold harsh look on his face; creepy.

*RINNNGGGGG* “Yay it’s time for seventh period Rora, and I heard Cody, the captain of the football team is in my class, quick, do my boobs look great?” “They look fine Nat, where is Zander he’s been gone all period?” “Who knows, I got a tall blonde charm waiting for me in class, I’ll see you later boo.” “Bye girl.” Walking to class I thought why didn’t Zander come back? He said he’d be gone for a moment. Then I remembered that creepy looking guy standing outside by the window, it sent shivers down my spine but I continued to my class hoping to see Zander. Thinking I’d see him waiting for me, I got the complete opposite. He was nowhere to be found so I sat at a desk farthest back and waited. I stared out the window wondering where he could’ve gone but I barely knew the kid so I could’nt think of anywhere he would’ve went. My thoughts were interupted by Mrs. Flannigan’s voice telling everyone to bring out there summer notebooks. Throughout class I tried my hardest not to think about Zander’s whereabouts but it was just too hard. Everytime I thought of something about the class, my mind soon drifted to Zander. I hated it, it was actually getting pretty annoying. It’s like I could’nt control my own mind. I felt hopeless. So I gave in and I thought about it, maybe that guy was his friend, or dad? I don’t know he seemed older looking but not too old. In his mid 30’s maybe, could he pass as his dad? I don’t know. Too many questions like thses flooded my head then I heard the bell ring and it was the end of the first day of school.

I headed to the parking lot and saw that Zanders motorcycle was still there, a few spaces over from mine. If he was still at school why wasn’t he in class? I looked around and all I saw was woods and lots of bushes and trees. Looking around first, I walked up to his bike and checked it out. I looked and the detail put into the bike’s body and saw a very distinct symbol. It looked like a paw inside of a circle but the paw was somewhat distorted, like nothing I’ve never seen before. Before I could get a closer look I heard a low grunt that soon turned into a growl coming from the woods. I got scared and ran to my car and quickly pulled out of the lot. I guess all the panthers weren’t found in the woods after all. Last summer hunters went in and safely caught and replaced them due to danger to humans. Maybe there was a cub left that they never found. I didn’t think much of it after I left but once I got home that symbol on Zanders bike couldn’t leave my mind. I got my laptop and looked up paw in circle symbol but the only things I found were ancient stories from Indian tribes of men turning into monsters and terrorizing tribes for power and blahblahblah, it was just fairytale stuff. It made no sense to me. Maybe, I looked up the wrong thing I don’t know. Later that day I ate dinner with my mom, it was delicious, Butternut Squash ravioli with avocado and edemame on the side; my favorite. So how was your first day love? Find any hot guys?” “Mom! Okay no you cannot ask me if I saw any hot guys that is just wrong.” “Oh c’mon just act like I’m one of your girlfriends and we’re having a sleepover.” “Mom, I’m not gay don’t call my friends girlfriends thats gross, they are my friends.” “Well can you at least talk to me about your first day as a senior?” “I have pretty good classes, they all went well, but I only have two classes with Nat.” Changing the subject off of hot guys my mom continued asking what my teachers were like and how I enjoyed my day. Thank god she didn’t ask about guys again. I most likely wuold have exploded. I don’t want to talk about guys with my mom. She’s been through one marriage and a two year relationship and both ended badly, I didn’t need advice or the sex talk from someone who’s not sure how to find the right one either. After dinner I went to my room and started painting. I haven’t painted in a while so I wasn’t sure where to start. So I let my mind take over and started painting a red backround. Once I completed that I remembered the symbol on Zander’s motorcycle and tried my best to copy the image from my mind onto the painting and I didn’t so a bad job, I say it came out pretty nice. Looking at it felt suddenly weird to me. Why did I just paint that? I looked at the time and it was 10:21. Did I really just spend an hour and a half painting this? I set down my paint supplies and went to the bathroom to change into my pajamas. I washed my face, brushed my teeth and went to bed.

I hope you guys are enjoying this story :) <3 more to come in the next few chapters :3

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