My Christmas Angel

Hello. My name is Mary Pope. I have foster parents who are very mean to me. They got me from a church. The church pays them 1,000 a month for me. But my parents use it on themselves. The church named me Mary from the bible because they found me on Christmas. I am in love with Justin Bieber but I know that he would never like me.


5. His Eyes

It seemed as if I was still looking in his brown eyes. That had a watery flesh making it shine like a diamond.

He was walking through hallway with 4 security guards surrounding him including gaga girls. The 100th caller girl was talking him to death. I was super happy because the girl was in my class. I don't know her or her name but she is very perky.

I can't believe that Justin is in MY school. We all sat down and the boy usually sits by me is sick today. Or at least that is what I heard.

"So, your the boy that gets my girl in detention. They are always talking about you. Which I do not allow in this class room. So no talking okay?"

"Yes ma'am. No talking. I am will be sure of it." He exclaimed humbly.

"Good, you may sit by Mary Pope. Who is sitting by the window with black long hair." She replied.

Then she winked at me. Mrs. Lanigan may have crazy orange hair. And very skinny for someone who looks like she is in her late 40's but she looks out for me. She knew I had know friends.

"Yes ma'am," he said then walked over to the desk of the sick silent boy.

He leaned over to my desk.

"I hope we can get to know each other" he said and leaned back up.

I leaned to his desk.

"Hopefully," I replied.

Justin smirked and I giggled a little. I can't remember the last time I did. I really do hope I get to know him.

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