Blood Bites

About a teenage girl who meets a vampire. Find out more about it when you read c:


2. Chapter2

I gazed upon the shadowy figure as it held me in its arm. I tried to scream for help but that didn't work. Anytime I tried to yell nothing came out. What's going on? I thought, Why cant I yell? The Shadowy figure finally spoke. In a deep death-like voice he said, "You are to be my servant, and you will serve me with any doings I command. If not..." he paused and looked dead into my eyes, "You wont be of any use to me, so I'll kill you." I gasped and put my hands over my mouth while my eyes widen in fear. The shadowy figure really turned out to be a girl, a young one, but what would a girl need with me? And why does she have a male voice? She looked kind and sweet, but she wasn't. "The first thing you must do is kill that Alexander guy." Before I had a chance to ask why I was lying on the floor. Alexander looked at me, "Are you ok? You were moving around too much and swinging your arms. You almost hit me so I put you on the ground to see if you would calm down. I'm glad you did." Alexander gave me a smile. I didn't think now was a good time to ask Alexander or Erik if they know anything about a shadowy figure who talks like a guy but as soon as the smoke came out she's just an ordinary little, sweet girl. Erik held his hand out for me to grab. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me off the ground and went close to my neck. Before he can lick my neck Alexander looked at h. He quickly let go of me and looked away. Alexander signed and started to walk in the direction of my house. I looked at the ground and began to follow as well as Erik. I could tell he craved my blood so dearly, and not being able to get a bite of me drove him crazy.

When we got to my house Alexander stopped in front of the door. I kept walking, thinking he'll open the door, but he didn't. I bumped right into him and fell on the ground, making Alexander bump his arm against the door. I quickly apologize, but Alexander didn't say anything back. Erik called out to Alexander and he snapped out of whatever he was thinking of. I looked at him worried. I knew something bad was going to happen. Alexander smiled, trying to assure me that nothing would ever happen to me as long as I'm with him. I began to sob, knowing that I would have to kill Alexander, or that girl would kill me. "Hey, Adrianna, what's wrong?" Alexander said, putting his arms around me, "Look, nothing's going to happen. I'll protect you ok?" I tried to stop, but I couldn't. I blurted out, "Alexander, I have to kill you!!!" At that moment, it began to rain. 'Kill?" Alexander smiled, "You're going to kill me? Oh sweet, loving, Adrianna, you cant kill me, I'm immortal." This is not the Alexander I knew. This Alexander was insane!! He pulled me towards him and whispered in my ear, "My sister is good with disguises, but I know her scent anywhere. You shouldn't be listening to a demon like her." I pushed him back and ran into my house. All the things were too much to handle.

Why was Alexander acting so weird. I started how he got so close to me and whispered those words "You shouldn't be listening to a demon like her" I tried and tried to shake these memories off my mind, but they just kept getting worse. I closed my eyes and leaned against the door and began to cry. As I cried, my windows flew open, the wind blew heavily, and there stood Alexander. His eyes, glaring dead to mine told me I shouldn't run away. I continued to stare at him without moving a muscle. He jumped into my room and walked towards me. "Are you afraid of me now?" Alexander said while extending his arms to me, but I refuse to grab it. "I guess you are then. It's not too surprising, in fact, it's not the first time this has happened," he continued. I pressed my back against the door, trying to find a way to escape. When Alexander saw me doing this he grabbed my hand and threw me on my giant bed. "O-ow, Alex-" As I tried to finish what I was saying, Alexander pierced his fangs deep in my neck and covered my mouth. The room was silent, all you could hear was Alexander gulping down my blood. "Alexander, you rotten beast, why would you do such a thing to this kind girl? Have you gone insane yet?" A familiar voice called out as a white cat with green toxic-like eyes walked in from the open windows. It sounded like Erik's voice changing into that girl's voice. Alexander got off of me and stared at the talking cat. "Is it finally wearing off?" Alexander grinned, "So is it time to see my younger sister in her real body?" The cat hissed and looked away, but then jumped on Alexander and transformed into her human body. I was amazed on how beautiful she looked, given that Alexander called her a demon.

"Alexander, it's been a while hasn't it?" Alexander's little sister spoke as Alexander held her in his arms. I looked at the two scared for life. Should I really try to leave, or should I stay? I panicked, as the two started to stare at me. My face turned red and I got up and dashed for the door but Alexander's sister got to the door before me. She smiled and said, "You haven't even let me introduce myself and you are already running away. My name is Erika, and yes I really am the sister of Alexander. I told you to kill him and yet you didn't, so I shall kill you with my own hands!" She said while putting her arms around my neck and chocking me until I blacked out. When I finally woke up I was in a coffin and I could hear fighting coming from the outside. Could this be Alexander and Erika fighting? Well she did say she wanted Alexander dead.

As I talked to myself the fighting stopped and Alexander opened the coffin. He had cut marks all over his face and blood dripping out of them. I quickly got up and threw my arms around him. "Alexander, what happened?" I asked worried, "Why do you have so many cuts on you?" He looked at me with a smile on his face and said, "It's nothing to worry about. Me and my sister just got into a little argument, that's it." Tears started to run down my cheeks. I was relieved that he wasn't dead. We both walked back to my house where we found it a mess. Everything was ripped, thrown on the floor, and broken. I screamed really loud. I couldn't believe what I was seeing

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