Blood Bites

About a teenage girl who meets a vampire. Find out more about it when you read c:


1. Chapter1

         As I stood before the white-haired boy, my heart raced fast. I tried to keep my heart rate down, but it kept on beating faster each time. I tried to run away, but it was as if I were stone. The boy stared at me with his blue and green eyes. I stared back. I didn’t know what to do. He wore a V-neck shirt that was torn near the edges, black skinny jeans, black short boots, and fingernails were painted, and had multi pierced earrings. This is all a dream. I’m going to wake up and see that this whole thing was a nightmare, I told myself. The boy then walked up to me and put his soft, warm hands on my cheek and said with a soft sweet tone, “A girl like you shouldn’t be wandering in a place like this.” He smiled sweetly, “You might end up getting hurt. Now you wouldn’t want that would you?” I couldn’t speak at all. Every time I opened my mouth, no words came out. So I just nodded.

              He grabbed my hand and walked me out the abandoned warehouse. I stared at him one last time and noticed something I didn’t notice before. The white-haired boy had two very sharp teeth sticking out of his mouth. Fangs!! That was the first thing that popped into my mind. Am I really standing here with a vampire? A blood sucking beast that feasts on human flesh. I backed up slowly, but didn’t run away. I examined the boy some more. He grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him, “Seems like you are really in to me, is that it? Or do you find me scary?” I kept thinking that he was toying with me and soon going to kill me. Was I ready to die? Of course I wasn’t.

              He stared at my straight black dyed haired, and then his eyes went down. He stared at my black mini shirt that said blood on it. He’s eyes went further down and saw that I’d worn a black short skirt with black ripped leggings, then to the bottom which I had on black high boots. He had wondered why I hadn’t run away yet. He stepped closer to me and moved my hair away from my neck and said, “I’m hungry. You will do just fine.” I couldn’t run away, I was too afraid. I never imagined this to happen to me in real life. I always thought this would be a dream.

              He moved his head near my neck and licked it. I think my heart skipped a beat at that moment. He pierced his fangs deep into my neck. I felt my blood rush towards my neck and flow into his fangs. Is he insane? He doesn’t even know me and he wants to turn me into a vampire. I have to find some way to get away from him. He finally took his fangs out of my neck and licked the blood that was dripping from his fangs. I looked at his smiling face and took off for my house. I couldn’t take any more of this. As soon as I got home and went and looked at myself in the mirror. I was glad to see that someone on the other side was staring back at me. I sighed in relief. I sat down on my giant bed and closed my eyes.

               I opened my eyes to find something tapping on my window. I got up from my bed and went to the window. I opened the window and found no one there. Just when I was about to shut the window a bat flew in. I screamed really loud and fell to the floor. “I’m so sorry; I didn’t mean to scare you like that. I just crave your blood so much. I want to stay and be with you forever,” a familiar voice said to me while extending a hand. I looked up and found that guy, the same one who bit me. “G-get away from me, you’re a monster!” I shouted. He picked me off the ground and wrapped his arms around me. I started to blush. “I know what you’re thinking. Just because I bit you, you think you will become a vampire,” He laughed a bit with a grin, “I can’t turn people into vampires. I don’t have that kind of powers. I can only take blood from mortals to satisfy my hunger.” I looked at him, my eyes widened. I put my hands on his pale, cold cheeks. I didn’t want him to suffer, nor did I want him to go around biting random humans for food. So I offered him to take my blood anytime he feels like he is hungry, but it can’t be every single second.

               I put my hands on my neck and checked if the bite marks were still there. Lucky for me it wasn’t. I sat next to him on the bed and began to talk. “Where did you come from?” I asked. “Vampics,” he replied. “That’s an odd place. I’ve never heard of it.” “That’s not surprising. It’s not a place on Earth. It’s somewhere beyond Earth,” He lets out a sigh, “I had to escape. There was too much blood; it made every vampire there go insane. I couldn’t take it anymore. Ever since then, I haven’t had any blood, so I crave blood much.” “I’m sorry. Hey, by the way, I never caught your name. What was it?” “Alexander and yours?” “Adriana,” I said with a warm smile. He was really sweet once you get to meet him. I was actually glad I meant him. I wasn’t scared of him anymore. I couldn’t believe the thing I most dreamed of, I was scared of it in reality. I smiled and gazed into his blue and green eyes. I begin to lose myself in his eyes.

               Just then the windows flew open and I woke up from my dreamy gaze and stared out the window. It was foggy, I could barely see anything. All I could see was glowing green eyes and white glowing fur. It jumped into the window and walked towards me. “Quit it Erik, don’t mess with her,” Alexander said as in moved in front of me. The cat started to transform into a human. “You always want to ruin my fun,” Erik said with a grin on his face, “Have you gone soft?” Erik flashed his fangs out and walked towards me. Alexander held him away and he too flashed his fangs out as a warning to back off. Erik stepped backed and laughed. All I focused on was his long glowing white hair and green eyes. Was he made out of toxin? I asked myself. Erik wore a white T-shirt and black skinny jeans with short boots. He had a chocker around his neck and one around both his wrist. He seemed to be into piercing because he had two piercing in his ears, snake bites, and one above and below his eyebrow. “I thought we were going to spilt this one,” he said glaring at me. “No, she’s useful. She’s mine.” “What do you mean by mine?” “She’s offered to give her blood to me.” I could sense right there, Erik was jealous of Alexander. I wasn’t sure if Erik was about to attack Alexander or not so I got in between the two and put my arms out. I was just hoping they weren’t going to act like little kids and push me out the way so they can get what they wanted. I looked at the two to make sure they were calm and weren’t going to fight again. I let out a soft sigh and looked at the mirror. Did I just forget that they were vampires? They could have been fighting or giving each other death stares. I turned back around quickly and apologized to the two.

            I felt bad that the two hot vampires couldn’t see how they look. I always wondered how they pull it off. They can’t even see themselves in the mirror, yet they could look better than most people who spend thousands of hours in the mirror just fixing their hairs. The two smiled. It was as if they knew what I was thinking of. After a while of talking the two went back to the abandoned warehouse, where they slept in their coffins. I wondered how it would feel like to be sleeping in a coffin all day until the sunsets. I figured, that’s why their skins are so pale, never get any sunlight. I laughed at myself and then fell asleep. I was walking back into the abandoned warehouse and found two coffins laid side-by-side. I was tempted to open, but wasn’t sure if I should. I took the chance and went for it. I opened the black coffin that had a pierced rose on the top. I was surprised to find no one in that coffin. “Trying to sneak up on me? That’s not very nice of you,” Erik said with a smirk on his face, “I knew you couldn’t resist seeing me again.” He let out a hand for me to grab, but I didn’t take it.

            He grabbed my arms and pulled me in. My faced turned a bright red as he licked my neck. His sharp fangs bit into my neck. I could feel the pain. It wasn’t like before when Alexander bit me; it was worse. I wanted to scream as loud as I can but Erik put his hands over my mouth. It was like if he knew everything I was going to do. I squirmed around, trying to break free. But in the end; I had no luck.

            I finally woke up screaming. This was just a dream? I asked myself. I looked out the window and saw that it was still night and the sun hadn’t come up. I got up from bed and searched my house. I saw something glowing white and thought it was Erik. I accidently missed a step down the stairs and fell over. “Ow, my arm!” I yelled, but then paused. “I’m bleeding.” I went to get some bandages to cover it up. When I put a bandage on, I felt a relief that Erik wasn’t in my house trying to bite me.

            When I turned around he was right behind me. His fangs were out and he was staring at my arm. He sniffed the air and smiled. I could see by his face expression that he wanted my blood. I extended my arms out for him to bite. He looked at me surprised; he wasn’t expecting me to do such a kind thing. He took my arms and bit it. I thought I was going to yell on the top of my lungs, but I was wrong. It wasn’t painful at all; actually, it was painless. I couldn’t tell he was piercing his fangs into my arm. I looked up at him to tell him to let go. He caressed my cheek and kissed the other one. What had I just gotten myself into? First I let Alexander have a bite out of me, now I have Erik. This was the strangest summer I had ever had. I finally went to bed and slept until morning.

           It was finally morning I and snuck into the abandoned warehouse. No matter how many times those two vampire friends told me to stay out of there, I would keep coming. I couldn’t help myself from coming there, I just always found myself here. I walked around the warehouse searching for Erik’s and Alexander’s coffins. I was about to give up until I spotted two black coffins hidden behind a cracked door. I walked towards the cracked door. I tried to open it but it wouldn’t. I pulled and pulled but it was useless. I let out a big sigh and kicked the door hard. Dumbest idea ever. My foot started hurting and I could barely walk. I sat on one of the coffins and asked myself, how can I open a coffin? I limped around trying to find something that would open the coffin.


           Just then I heard a creaking opening sound.I slowly turned around in so much fear. It was just my luck, Erik had poked an eye out and spotted me like a hunter with its prey. I looked back at him. He got out of the coffin and came my way. "No, stay back." Of course he didn't listen to me so I stepped into the sunlight thinking he wouldn't go near the light. I was wrong, he kept walking towards me. I pushed him back and yelled at him, "Are you crazy?!?!" He said nothing, I hope that ment something to him. He grabbed my arms and pulled them close to his fangs. At first, I tried to pull back but then I let him. Just as he was about to take a bite out of me, Alexander stares him in the eye and Erik returned to his coffin. Alexander apologized for Erik's behavior. He gently kissed me on the cheek and warned me that this place is to dangerous for me.


           As he returned to his coffin, he waited until he could no longer see me til he went inside his coffin. I sat in my house full of boredom. I rather be with Alexander and Erik having fun and laughing around, but im not aloud at that warehouse anymore. This was so uncool of them to kick me out of the place I visited a lot. Couldn't they have kicked me out of school or something? I let a sigh out and fell back on my bed and waited till the sun sets.


           Finally the sun set. I hopped out the house and headed for the warehouse. When I got there Alexander had his arms crossed as he stared at me coming here. "Do you ever listen? Your such a bad girl," Alexander said with a laugh. Erik came up behind me and hugged me from behind, pulling me close to him. "I should punish her for be bad and not listening to you," Erik said while poking my sides.


          When Alexander gave him another stare he stopped and left me alone. The three of us left the warehouse and went to see a movie. Since it was late night a lot of the wannabe vampires were here, which was quite sad in my opinion. Erik put his arms around me the whole time we were at the movies.


            When we were coming home I kept hearing a lot of noises coming from different places. Erik and Alexander didn't seem to hear a thing. Finally a dark shadowy figure came up and was in front of us. I screamed and hid behind Alexander. Alexander, on the other hand, looked at me clueless. I guess he cant hear or see it. "Don't you see the shadowy figure right in front of you?!?" I asked. He shook his head and processed walking. I grabbed on to his black shirt and started to cry like a baby. He turned around and picked me up, "I don't see why you're acting so scared, but I'll make sure nothing happens to you. Both me and Erik would protect you." Right after he said those words I wasn't in Alexander's arms, but in the shadowy figure's arms.

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