Roses Are Red But Bacon Is Redder

My name is Mary Clifford, I live with my brother (Luke), mom (Marge), dad (Johnathon) and my butler (George). I live in a big house in the middle of no where, in Minnesota. i am going to a new school, Grand Lac, where I make lots of friends and I meet a boy named Ben Wolf, who is the greatest guy ever,smart, handsome, strong and a murderer?


2. II

"Who did this!" I yelled in anger

        I looked and saw my cat, Oreo sitting on my bed licking her paw. I almost blamed her, but I remembered that she had her claws cut last week. Oreo jumped down from my bed and started rubbing her black and white body on my leg as if trying to cheer me up. I picked her up and told her, "I know you didn't do it." I said as if I were talking to a baby.I put her down on my bed and walked out of my room and down the stairs still holding what was left of my grandmas hand stitched blouse. I started walking down to the hall when I smelled a disgusting stench and could tell it was from Georges room from earlier. I walked down the hall and into Georges room trying to ignore the smell. I came into the room and saw that he was fixing his bed by patting it down.

"Look George!" 

"Oh you startled... what happened?" He asked as I raised up the ruined shirt

"I don't know." 

"Well how about we go to your room and find another shirt." 

"Well...I guess, but this was my favorite shirt." 

"I know you loved that shirt but you can't live in the past, okay."

"Yea I know but, okay." 

"Okay, lets go pick another out another shirt." 

           George started walking out the door and I followed, as soon as we got to the living room Luke came in from outside. George was already all the way up the stairs and heading into my room, I was shortly behind him, but stopped at the top and looked down to the bottom of the stairs where Luke was standing.

"Hey Mary, whats that" Luke said happily

"It was my favorite shirt." 

"What happened?" 

"I don't know, actually."

"Wow and your not upset."


             He walked up the stairs with his blonde hair all wet, went into his room and shut the door. I also went into my room and shut the door. I looked to see George looking around in my closet, obviously he hasn't found any that he likes, well I guess it's kinda good that he doesn't have a fourteen year old's taste in clothes. So I walked around in the closet when I spotted a shirt that I thought almost resembled my ruined shirt, it was grey with an elastic strip on the bottom but had the same blue bow on the rim of the collar and blue paint splatters, the same color as the bow. I thought it was just cute, even though it wasn't made by my grandmother. I grabbed it and shown George who smiled and looked at relieved. 

"Its almost the same don't you think?"

"Yes, I will be leaving now to cook supper, see you in an hour or so."

            George left the room and down the stairs as he was leaving he dropped something, a bright blue piece of thread. I thought to myself for a second, it couldn't have been George, could it, but like he said it was just a one of a kind of shirt right, put it in the past. I grabbed the shirt and put it up on my couch, I went to my dresser to grab my favorite pants that had also has been... been perfectly fine like all the other pants. I put the pants on the couch beside the shirt and looked for a pair of shoes to wear in the back of my closet. I picked a pair of grey high tops and went out of the closet and turned its lights off and shut the closet door. I put the shoes on the ground next to the and saw that my window had been opened, I looked out to see that it was dark now and the sky was grey. I looked a little longer to see the back porch and pool lights had been turned on and next to the pool was Luke. He looked like such a loner, I laughed at him to myself and said, "Why is that kid so abscessed with that pool." I saw him putting his feet in the pool. I saw something by the pool that looked about a wolfs size and saw that it was just Luke's dog Reese, his big brown body and its wolf face seemed like it really was a wolf but it was just a dog Luke had found on the streets a few weeks ago. Luke loves that dog and his two goldfish, Bob and Larry, Luke loved animals as much as he loved the pool. I turned around to George saying it's time for supper and he and I walked out of the  room, it smelled so good in the hall way. I walked to the kitchen and saw there was a table full of food and we all sat down to eat. After we were done eating I laid in my bed and went to sleep. I awoke to my alarm clock and threw my arm lazily onto the snooze button, I jumped out of my bed excited for the first day of school. It felt like it was Christmas morning and I jumped in the air and ran next door to Luke's room where he was sleeping with Reese on the end of his king size bed. 

"Luke, Luke!" I yelled, "We missed the bus!"

"What!" He said as he jumped out of bed and running to his closet, "Wait, why aren't you dressed and we don't ride the bus anymore?" I could tell he realized I tricked him "Get out of my room!"

        I left the room laughing, he slammed the door behind me and I walked to my room. I picked up the shirt and put it on, then the pants, then I picked some non-matching socks and put on my shoes. I walked out of my bedroom and walked down the stairs where George was waiting for me. 

"Are you ready for school?" He said with a warming smile 


       He walked me out to the car where Luke was sitting in the back waiting for us. I got into the front seat and George got into the drivers seat, we started driving and got to school in 20 minutes. I got out of the car and stepped onto the sidewalk looked at the three floored school and started getting nervous. I walked up the doors past a group of guys who wouldn't stop staring at me. One of them followed me and started walking with me.

"Hi." He said with a gorgeous smile

"Hi?"I said awkwardly 

       One of his friends grabbed his coat and pulled him back to the group. I was happy he was gone, yet flattered. I looked back to see him still staring at me, what a creep. I walked through the door and went into my first class, Homeroom. I asked the teacher where my seat was and went to sit in it, but there was a boy sitting in my seat.

"Excuse me, your in my seat." 

He looked at me with, "What did you say to me."

"I...I sit here." 

"I'm just kidding, so are you new here?" He said as he was getting up


"Well my name is Ben Wolf." 

"My name is Mary Clifford."

He laughed a little, "Really!?"

"Oh and your last name is so normal."

"You got me there." 

        I laughed a little as the teacher told us all to sit in our assigned seats,. My second hour was English, next was French, Math, Study Hall, and Lunch was very awkward. I sat next to two girls who seemed like losers who just obsessed about boys and who they "do" on Fridays, at least that's all they talked about to each other. The next class I had was Band, I sat down after putting my Alto Saxophone and was sitting next to two girls.

"Hi, are you new?" 


"What's your name?"

"Mary Clifford, what's yours?"

"Kaylee Hayes." 

"Oh and my name is Ally Moss." The girl on my other side said 

"Nice to meet you, too."

       The next hours were science and Geography, which were just as boring as all the other classes. I walked to my locker to put my giant math book away, since it was so heavy carrying it in my sparkling lime green backpack. I saw that at Ben Wolf was leaning against it talking to all a group of his friends, I walked up to him and he looked right at me.


"Hi. That's my locker."

"Really?" He moved his back from the locker and shewed his friends away, "So there is a Homecoming dance coming up." He said with his lips sucked in his lips

"There's a Homecoming dance coming up already?" 

"Yeah and would you want to go with me?" 

"We just met, how about we go to my house and hang out." 

"How about on Friday I take you out to a movie."

"Well I want to hang out with you before we start dating." 

"Then don't think of it as a date, how about you call it hanging out."

"Oh, okay, I guess..." 

"So Friday, at six?"


He walked away and a girl wearing a really cute light blue shirt came up to me.

"Did he just ask you out on a date?"

"Sort of." I shut my locker 

"He is the captain of the football team." 

"He is, I just met him."

"Oh yeah, my name is Kate Robertson." 

"My name is Mary Clifford." 

"Well nice to meet you and your welcome for the information." She said as she walked away

"Thanks?" I said walking to the giant doors leading to the parking lot where George was waiting for me

"How was your first day of school?" He asked holding the car door for me


        We drove to the giant house and went up the long drive way, and got out of the car. Luke ran from the car and into the house, I walked up to the house and went through the two doors and saw that Luke was on the ground and Reese on top of him. Luke was laughing as Reese started licking his face, I laughed a little, too. I walked up the stairs and went in my room. I sat on my bed as my phone began to ring, I picked it up and couldn't recognize the voice speaking.  


"Mary watch out for a man in black." I heard a beep and I put down the phone, who could that have been?

.....................................................................................................New friends....................................................................................


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