Roses Are Red But Bacon Is Redder

My name is Mary Clifford, I live with my brother (Luke), mom (Marge), dad (Johnathon) and my butler (George). I live in a big house in the middle of no where, in Minnesota. i am going to a new school, Grand Lac, where I make lots of friends and I meet a boy named Ben Wolf, who is the greatest guy ever,smart, handsome, strong and a murderer?


1. I

            My name is Mary Clifford and I live in a mansion with my little brother, my mom, my dad and my butler. My mom, Marge and dad, Johnathon are working in Ireland and they work together as presidents of the Doritos company. We move a lot ,almost three times a year and we have lots of money, of course. We just moved to this creepy little town called Sweet Meadows and I go to the Grand Lac High School. I don't have any friends, yet, but I have never had the time to make a best friend but my parents said, "We are done moving" they want me and my brother, Luke to make some real friends. I do have one friend though, my butler George, he was my best friend since I haven't been able to make any my age. George is great he agrees with everything I say, he keeps all my secrets, he is very calm and he has the best mustache in town. A was on my bed lying down reading, as I was going to flip the page I heard a loud noise coming from downstairs. I got off my silk polka dot blanket and walked out of my bedroom and went down the hall to the stairs that circled its way to the living room. I was already down the stairs as I heard the noise again and jumped a little as I walked down the hall to where it was coming from which was the third door on the right. I walked into the room and heard a terrifying moan in the bathroom. I walked until my ear was pressed against the door. 

"George are you okay?" I asked in a loud tone

"Yes I'm fine." He said in a deep British accent and ended with grunt

"Okay, but don't break the toilet again, that was a mess!" I said in a funny tone

          He laughed a little as I started to walk out of the room and I heard him yell, "Oh lord, that can't be possible!" I laughed the whole way down the hall, but when I stated to go up the stairs I stopped laughing and looked up at the giant diamond chandelier in the middle of the stairs that seemed to rap around it. I walked back into my room and huddled up in my blanket, picked up my book and started reading where I left off. About a half an hour later George came up the stairs and walked into my room. He sat on the lime green couch in front of one of the four walls in my room and put his right leg over his left, looking very sophisticated. 

"Sorry about that. Are you ready for school tomorrow?" He asked me very seriously

"Yes! I can't wait to have a real friend!" I said high pitched voice  

"Fine, I see how it is." He said in a fake sad tone as he was getting up to leave with his head facing to the floor and finally he left the room

"George come back you goofball!" I said trying to be funny

          He came back into the room laughing, "I need to go to the bathroom, again." He said as he left the room again. I saw the light through my window turn golden pink and moved my body to the side of the bed and got up and walked up to the window. I starred out the window and saw Luke in the poo, in his shark swim trunks.

         I watched him jump off the diving board as he did tricks like front flips, back flips, canon balls, excedra. I saw something in the corner of my eye and it moved really fast, I looked over to see what it was and it just turned out to be a squirrel. I laughed a little to myself, "Why you ac'in so cray cray?" I said as I made myself laugh even more.

        I walked into my closet  for an outfit to wear for tomorrow, I saw lots of options, but I wanted to wear my favorite shirt. I saw it lying in the bottom of my closet all the way in the back, when I picked it up it had tons of holes in it and the neon blue bow wasn't attached to the waste of the brown shirt anymore. 

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