Broken Words on Broken Skin-a collection of poems

This is a collection of poems I have written, and will be writing. I'll add more as I go along I guess.


7. Hair

At age five,

She was happy. Being with

Friends and playing games.

Short pigtails.

At age seven,

She was energetic. Not worried

About how others perceived her,

A boy haircut.

At age eleven,

She started losing friends,

Started hiding the things she liked to

Fit in.

An angled bob.

At age thirteen,

One friend. Put on a mask

Of hatred to hide herself.

Shoulder length hair.

At age fourteen,

Embraced herself. More friends,

She only wears black. Fake smiles and a

Dead look in her eyes.

Medium uncared for hair.

At age fifteen,

Scars on her wrists, She finds refuge

In music. Called a freak, believes it.

Long fringe cut, held in place by the

Noose around her neck.

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