Life as we know it

Noel and Niall are a fantastic duo. The two are always with each other. Except when Niall tries out for X-Factor and Noel is left alone. When she gets kidnapped where is her knight in shining armor? Across the Atlantic ocean. How will she survive the abusive kidnapper?


1. What a weird dream

Noel's p.o.v

Slowly I felt my back slide down the wall. I knew it.He never really understood. I got up and started listening to Forever Unstoppable by Hot Chelle Rae. Their songs always made me feel better about myself, more than anybody could. I picked up the glass from my dresser and threw it against my mirror. After 2 throws the mirror and the glass broke. I picked up a peice of the shattered glass and cut into my skin. Oh no, it was too deep!!! I started panicking. The room started to get darker and darker until I got up.

The light was so red I couldn't see a thing. "Where the heck am I?!?" I asked. "Noel you are in Hell" a voice boomed. "Heheh that rhymed.But seriously where am I?!!!?" "You are in Hell!!!" it repeated "I don't have time for this. I'm not stupid, I know that you're lyi-" Before I got to finish, all the memories came back, the glass, the music, the cut,the vain, the blood. "I can't be!! Wait...hold up. If I was dead wouldn't I be in heaven?!?"

"Noel" the voice said. "Noel" it repeated "Noel,Noel" "NOEL!!" I woke up to the sound of my "perfect" brother waking me up. "Breakfast is ready and mum said that I can't eat it until you come down so HURRY UP!!!!! I'm hungry!!!" "You're always hungry Niall." I said going to the bathroom to brush my teeth. "I know" he said cheekily.

I finished brushing my teeth and started brushing my hair. When it was perfect I came downstairs,grabbed and apple and went back upstairs,without saying a word. "Good Morning to you too" my mum said, I giggled "Love you mum" "Love you too"

"NIALL!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. He came rushing up the stairs. "WHAT IS IT?!??ARE YOU HURT?!?! WHAT HAPPENED?!???!!?" Niall asked me tightening his grip on his baseball bat. I laughed at his concern. "Ni i'm fine." he relaxed and let go of the bat. "I need advice on what to wear for this afternoon." I quickly stated. He smirked "you.need clothing advice. from me?!?!?!?!?!?" he seemed shocked. I rolled my eyes "Yes,Yes i do..." I said looking at the ground sheepishly.

He grinned and finally said "Just wear what you would normaly wear." "But I-th-that would make me look horrid!! It's not good enough!!" I protested. Today was the day that Niall's friends came over. I had never met them so I didn't know what to wear or what to expect.

Ding Dong

I quickly slapped on some skinny jeans with a t-shirt and a varsity jacket over it. I'm not much of a "OMG GLITTER AND SPARKLES!!!" girl. And I have never ever put on or even touched makeup before. As crazy as it sounds.. it's true. Makeup is wayyyy too girly for my liking.

"HIII NIALL!!" I heard screaming from downstairs. I forgot about Niall's friend's coming over. "NOEL!!" I shuddered remembering the dream I had. I turned my wrist and saw dried up blood...

A/N- Hewwo this is my very first movella so don't hate, appreciate. And SHOUTOUT TO ALL THE DIRECTIONERS OUT THERE!!!!!! Anyway I will TRY to do another chapter k?k. Love all of you koalas!!!

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