Son Of Zeus: Lightning Storm

After his mom was killed by a cyclops, Jake Callester goes to Camp Half-Blood, a state-of-the-art training facility for children of the Greek gods. While he's there, he trains hard everyday, hoping to someday get his revenge on the monster that killed his mom. He also gets help from Beth, a new friend and rival, But they must work together if they hope to survive their journey.

Find out what happens in Son Of Zeus: Lightning Storm!

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11. XI. Gaea's Curse

     I froze for a few seconds before putting my bag down and slowly taking a seat. I looked around the cave.

     "A mansion would've been better." I mumbled.

    "How's that?" Hecate asked if she'd read my mind.

     "Oh, never mind." I said in surprise.

     When Beth, sat down, the image of the cave began to shimmer. Suddenly, we were now back at the Camp Half-Blood arena. There were no campers around. I quickly stood up and pulled out Lightning. I scanned the area again, this time searching for any cyclopes.

     "Don't fret, child of Zeus," Hecate said, "We aren't at the real camp. This is just a place I created with my magic to look just like Camp Half-Blood."

     I calmed down and let go of Lightning who reappeared as necklace again. I sat back down and looked around again. It actually did look exactly the same as Camp Half-Blood.

     "Why are we here?" Beth asked.

     "I'm here only to guard you," Hecate said, "But to train you as well. With the war going on, you are to be trained in order to protect yourselves. The cyclopes are stronger than we imagined. The ancient cyclopes have joined with the cyclopes born from Poseidon."

     "But that last one I fought wasn't as hard to take down." I said.

     "That's because he was just a pawn," Hecate explained, "There are ones at least ten times stronger than the one you faced."

      I frowned. Great, stronger enemies. Just what I needed.

     She waved her hand and the chairs disappeared. My reflexes reacted and I placed my right hand on the ground before I fell. Then I stood back up. Beth was already up, too.

     "Now, for the next few days, you two will be sparring until one of you wins." Hecate said, "Begin."

     Then, Beth's sword appeared in her hands. She grinned at me and the charged. I managed to take out Lightning just in time as she brought down he sword. I gathered strength and pushed her back.

     "I've been waiting to get you get you back since our last match." she said.

     "What's that have to do with this?" I asked.

     As if in response, she charged. I decided to stop talking and fight instead.

     I was able to block all her attacks. When she swung her sword, I ducked and tripped her. As I expected, she quickly regained her balance at incredible speed. I turned my sword that the hilt pointed toward the sky and then rose up, aiming at her chin.

     I caught her off guard and the hilt hit her and she stumbled back. I then charged at her and then disarmed her. Her sword flew high in the air and I caught. I then put one sword behind her neck and the other at the throat, making sure she couldn't escape.

     "Good, good." Hecate said. Then she looked at Beth. "That curse you got from Gaea is really holding your strength back. Here, let's see if I can do something about that." 

     She waved her fingers at Beth. Suddenly, Beth began to glow blue. When the light faded, Beth had an evil grin on her face.

     "There we go, now let the real match began." Hecate said as she snapped her fingers.

     The sword in my left hand disappeared and reappeared in Beth's hand. She then jumped, the grin still on her face. I lowered my sword and swung it around.

     "Ready for round two?" I asked.

     "The question is," she said, "Are you?"

     I raised my eyebrow and said, "I'm ready when you are."

     She charged.

     I almost couldn't believe what was happening if it wasn't happening to me. Beth's moves that increased dramatically. She kept making step back farther and farther. I found no weak spot in her moves.

     She was flawless.

     I couldn't keep going on like this. She showed no sign of slowing down at all. My arms were already sore from blocking her attacks. 

     I summoned the winds and flew back. I needed time to rest, she was just too fast. I stared at her in amazement as she kept on charging.

     "What happened to you?" I asked as I barely managed to block another of her attacks.

     Instead of answering, her attacks became fiercer. I guessed I would last about another ten seconds before my arms fell off and she won. 

     An idea came to mind. 

     I thrust my blade toward her and called upon the winds at the same time. The wind knocked her back, allowing a small opening to disarm her. Her blade cluttered when it fell on the ground.

     Before I could do anything else, she did the unexpected.  

     She kissed me.

     I stopped dead in tracks. She quickly kneed me in the stomach and I fell on the ground butt-first. She picked up her throat and pointed it at my throat.

     "Cheater." I said.

     "You do what you gotta do to win, right?" 

     I began pouting and she helped me up. I put my sword back into a necklace and looked back at Hecate who had been watching the whole thing.

     "Do you know what in the world just happened?" I asked.

     "A long time ago, when the great prophecy was told, Gaea wanted to stop it," Hecate explained, "So when she found out that Beth was apart of that prophecy, she placed on her. She decreased half her strength, hoping it would be enough to hold her down and maybe a monster would stumble into her and manage to kill her."

     "Prophecy?" I asked curiously, "What prophecy?"

     She shook her head. "You must not catch wind of it, or else it may change."

     I walked over to my chair again and sat down. This was all getting more and more confusing by the second.

     Suddenly, I saw Hecate's eyes widen.

     "We have found him." she said.

     "Found who?" I asked.

     "The other child of the prophecy," she said. "the son of Hades."

     Son of Hades, I thought.

     "That can't be right," Beth argued. "I thought the gods weren't allowed to have anymore children. They swore it themselves."

     A sad look came on Hecate's face. "My dear, the gods break vows and rules all the time. It's even beginning to rub off on me."

     "But-" Beth began.

     Hecate held up her hand to silence her. "Let it be."

     Beth kept quiet and Hecate went on. "You two must find and unite with him. He goes to Daybreak Middle School, in California. He will also have another demigod accompanying him. When you guys are together, await further instructions."

     "I've heard that line somewhere before." I mumbled.

     "Do you want your world to end, boy?" Hecate asked.

     "Of course not."

     "Then you must do as we say. When we're ready, we'll call you to come and fight alongside us. You are truly gifted children and we gods trust the prophecy. If all ends well, the cyclopes should be sent to Tartarus and the Earth should be in peace once again."

     "Tartarus?" I repeated.

     Hecate looked at Beth. "Is he always asking so many questions?"

     Beth shrugged.

     "Goodbye." said Hecate as she snapped her fingers.

     The imagery changed once again.

     "Wait-" I said.

     It was too late. We were now outside of the cave we were once in. I landed on my butt since my chair had disappeared also.The giant boulder was still there, so we couldn't get back in. 

     When I heard a familiar snorting sound, I turned around and found that Speedy was already waiting for us. On his back was the duffel bag I had forgotten inside the cave. That's nice.

     "Guess we should find this guy." I said as I got up and flew up on Speedy's back.

     I stretched my hand out and Beth took it. I pulled her up and Speedy began flying. I laid my head on his warm neck and thought about how I would be waking and find that all of this was just a nightmare.

     Unfortunately for me, I knew that all of this was real.

     An old memory came back to me.


     "Happy Birthday, Jake!" mom said as she gave me a big hug.

     I had a blue party on my head. I had a huge smile on, knowing today was going to be an awesome day.

     Mom brought out the cake from the kitchen and set it on the table. It had a candle shaped as number seven sticking out in the middle of the cake. She lit it and said that I should blow it out and make a wish at the same time.

     I inhaled, and thought of my wish. For mom to always stay with me forever. I blew the candle out and my mom clapped.

     "Good job!" she said, "Time to eat."

     She cut a little piece off the cake, put it on a plate and handed it to me.

     "You get the first cake, birthday boy." 

     I smiled as I took it and eating with my hands.

     "Hey!" she yelled.

     I laughed as she grabbed a napkin and tried to wipe my hand with it. When she finished, I would eat it with my hands again and she would clean them. We kept going until I was done with the whole piece.

     She shook her head. "You know what, do what you want."

     "Yay!" I said I as grabbed another piece and stuffed it in my mouth.

     We both began laughing like we had all the time in the world. And we really felt like we did.

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