Son Of Zeus: Lightning Storm

After his mom was killed by a cyclops, Jake Callester goes to Camp Half-Blood, a state-of-the-art training facility for children of the Greek gods. While he's there, he trains hard everyday, hoping to someday get his revenge on the monster that killed his mom. He also gets help from Beth, a new friend and rival, But they must work together if they hope to survive their journey.

Find out what happens in Son Of Zeus: Lightning Storm!

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4. IV. I Meet My Half Brother and Get Explanations

     "Is this some type of joke?" I said.

     All of a sudden, two people who sat next to my table charged at me with their swords drawn. She slashed and thrust their swords at me, but like always, I managed to doge them all. Then the rest of his table and more people from different tables followed their example and began to attack me as well.

     What the heck is going on?! I thought.

     "Here!" I heard Chiron say.

     I turned around to find him throwing a silver necklace in my direction.

     What's that for?

     As soon as I made contact with the necklace, it began to glow, and before I knew it, I was holding a sword. It was like the others, but had a lightning bolt engraved on both sides of the blade. The best part was that it felt perfect balanced in my right hand. I looked at the army of kids who had been trying to attacked and grinned. Then I did something that was either brave or stupid.

     I charged.

     I could see that they were surprised when I charged at them It seemed that the new sword had increased all my senses and attributes to maximum. On a few seconds I had knocked out three people with the hilt of my sword. Some of them stiffened in error. I took that opportunity and knocked out three more. A few of them recovered and attacked me. Either I was faster or they were moving much slower. The first guy brought his sword much slower than I expected. I easily sidestepped knocked him out with the hilt as well. I could tell the rest were scared, but I guess they were determined because they too attacked me. Three of them ganged up on me but I had no trouble knocking them out as well. Now there was six more remaining. I looked at them with an I'll-kill-you glare I just made up and they all fell down. They scrambled to their feet and ran out the door.

     I looked around to find everyone staring at me. I slowly began walking toward the door. When I was just a few feet from it, I bolted out.

     I ran to the arena and sat down in a seat. Then I looked at the new sword and wondered how I had been able to fight off all of those people with just this sword. I threw it into the arena. Before it could hit the ground, it disappeared. Suddenly, a necklace with a silver lightning bolt appeared around my neck. Wait a minute. This was the same one that Chiron had gave me. I grabbed the lightning bolt, and immediately,it glowed and one second later I was holding the same silver blade that I had fought the people off with.

     Once again, I threw it away, and it disappeared again, appearing on my neck as a necklace like last time.

     "Seems like you're getting used to it."  heard a voice behind me say.

     I turned around to find Chiron standing at the arena entrance. What is with these people? Do they just love sneaking up behind me or something?

     I grabbed my the lightning bolt again and it turned into a the sword again. I held it out towards him. "What is this?" I asked.

     "Oh that? That's Keravnos, also known as Lightning in English." he said, "Zeus gave it to me and said to give to his next child. And that child, is you."

     "Me?" I said.

     "I forgot to explain." he said as he turned around and began walking away. "Follow me."

     I got and let go of Lightning. The sword disappeared and appeared as a necklace around my neck. I quickly caught up to Chiron walked alongside. People everywhere stopped and starred at us but I just ignored them and kept on walking.

     Several minutes later, we stood in front of the big house. At the front porch, I found the cheetah-spotted shirt guy and a satyr sitting around a table playing cards. When we get to the porch, he immediately glares at me.

     "So you're my half-brother? Not bad. Good looks and skills. I like him." he said.

     "Jake, this Dionysus. Just call him Mr. D," Chiron introduced me.

     Then I remebered about him in Greek Mythology. "Ohhh! The wine dude!" I exclaimed.

     That seemed to tick him off. "What did you just call me 'The wine dude'?" he said in an agry tone.

     "Umm, no. I said the 'cool dude'." I lied.

     He snapped his fingers and a staff with vines and leaves entangled around it and a pine cone at the tip appeared in his hands. A Thyrus.  He pointed it at me. "You think you can lie to a god and expect to get away with?" he said in a cold voice.    

     I felt Chiron pull me back and step between me and Dionysus. "I'm so sorry. I'm sure he didn't  mean it like that." Chiron said, "Right Jake?"

     "Of course." I quickly replied.

     Dionysus smiled. "Good." she said as his staff disappeared.

     He began to rub his throat. "Man I'm thirsty." he snapped his finger and a glass of wine appeared in his hand and he began to drink out of it.

     I admit it was pretty cool and it boosted my belief of the Greek gods.

     "Did you say half-brother?" I asked Dionysus.

     "Yes. Both our dad is Zeus, but my mom is Semele and yours is that mortal. What's her name again?" he said.

     Anger filled filled my body as he called my mom a mortal. The last time I checked, which was in a really long time, his mother was a mortal as well. I clenched my fist, about ready to punch him, then I remembered that he was an immortal god and I was just a half-blood and not immortal, which meant that I could easily die while he just lived on.

     "Emily." I said as I struggled to keep my anger in control.

     "Yeah, that's her name." he said.

     Before I burst, Chiron grabbed my arm and dragged me inside the big house. "See you later." Chiron said to Dionysus as he closed the door.

     Inside the first room inside the Big House was filled with beds.

     "This is the infirmary." Chiron said as he went and stood by one. "Sit down.

     I did.

     "I'll take questions." he said simply.

     My head began began to fill with questions but I just asked one at a time.

     "Why is Dionysus here?" I asked first.

     "Well, he's actually the director of Camp Half-Blood. He was punished by Zeus for chasing an off-limits nymph. He was to be director of Camp Half-Blood for one-hundred years."

     One-hundred years! Man that's long! I thought.

     "His punishment ended a few years ago and he returned, even though he tells everyone that he hates demigods. No one knows why so we don't ask him. If you do, then you can't count yourself dead." he said.

     OK. I'll be sure to be careful around him.

     "Next, why were those guys during dinner attacking me.?"

     "Well, you are the son of the most powerful god, so they have reasons to hate you. Jealousy and hatred could be one of those reasons." he said, "Gods would come down to Earth and have children with mortals. Those children as I told you, were called demigods or half-bloods. You see, after World War II, the Big Three gods, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades made a pact that neither of them will have no more kids because their children were too strong and might even be able to overthrow their parents. Hades never broke that pact, but Zeus and Poseidon gave birth again.

     "Instead of overthrowing their parents, those kids ended up saving Olympus a few times, especially a child of Poseidon. So you see, you're what we could call a 'mistake.' Because of that, people will shun you, hate you, and even try to kill you." 

     I took a minute to let all that sink in. 

     "Now, no more questions for now. That last one took longer than I thought." he said while he began to walk toward the door. "Come on. Lets go to the Singalong."

     I got up too and followed him out the door. Outside was dark out. I walked alongside him back to the cabins. We both walked back to the cabin I had been in before.

     "Why are we here?" I asked.

     "This is your cabin now." looked inside and spotted the blanket and sheets I had lay down. "Whose are those?" he asked.

     "Oh sorry. I took a liking to this cabin early and took a nap here." I said.

     He smiled. "Can't say I'm surprised."

     "My own half brother can't sleep in this." I heard Dionysus's voice behind me. 

     Chiron and I spun around.

     Seriously! They need to stop doing that!

     He snapped his fingers and the blanket along with the sheets and pillow disappeared and were replaced by a real bed.

     "Just a present to my half brother." he said with a smile and then disappeared.

      Chiron seemed surprised. "Something's up with him." I heard him mumble under his breath.

     "Chiron?" I said.

     He snapped back into focus and said. "Oh yeah. Come on lets go to the sing along. We walked to the center of the U shaped arranged cabins. I din't feel like being around other people so I sat at the back. 

     "So you're going to sit alone, stupid?" I heard a familiar voice say. I turned around to find Beth walking up and sitting next to me.

     These people won't stop doing that. The surge to kill someone whenever they appeared behind me had lowered but that still didn't stop me from being annoyed.

     "What do you want?" I said.

     "I just wanted to sit here." she said, "Got a problem with that."

     At leat she didn't change, I thought.

     "No, no I don't." I said with a smile.

     Suddenly, everyone began singing songs. They were all some type of Greek song about the gods or a famous hero like Jason or Hercules. As they sang louder, the flames that were lit in the middle rose higher and changed colors. We sang and sang until  I began to get the hang of it and joined right in after a while.

     When everyone began to get up and leave, I got up too and walked to my new cabin. I got into into my bed, which was extremely comfy, and dozed off after a few seconds of thinking about my new home. 

     Camp Half-Blood.

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