Careful Shes Demented~Harry Styles

"Because I can't love someone who is crazy!" I yell and she just freezes and her jaw drops. I didn't mean to say that it wasn't suppose to come.

"I'm not crazy you're crazy!" She yells and slaps me before running out of my room and down the long hallway

"Cecily!!" I yell running after her


5. Chapter 3

A few hours later the van comes to an abrupt stop and I jerk forward. I mean wow some body didn't pass their driving test.

I sigh waiting for one of them to open the door since the thing is locked from the inside. One opens the door and basically pulls me out by my arm.

I look up at the building and I raise my eyebrow. This place isn't even scary looking it looks like a retreat from the outside but what about the inside?

"Saint Nancy's Mental Institution" I read silently to myself. I continue to walk in with guys and still there is nothing wrong with this place. It's actually nice and calm.

"This place isn't so bad" I shrug and one of the guys laughs and looks down at me. "What's so funny?"

"This isn't the main area were the patients are this is just the front office where you get check in and out and come for visits and other stuff like that"

I groan as we gentry the back and unseen this kinda small rundown grayish building. Yeah it looks old but not like something you see on a scary movie, just an old building.

I'm pushed Into the building and I stumble inside and I look around. So much white. I never thought that I could see so much white in one area.

"Is this him?" Some lady ask walking in front of me and the guys just nodded their heads and pushed me towards her and walked away. She looked down at me and smile. She actually seemed nice than all the other people that have been in my presence.

"Hello Harry I'm Dr. Ellie and me and you will be working together for a while" she says holding her hand out. I look at her oddly but I take her hand and shake it.

"So uhm could you explain to me what it is I will be doing here?" I ask looking around at l the workers and patient who we're walking around all wearing white.

"Yes follow me" she say and begins to walk and I follow behind her "well you see this is a Mental Institution and well for a while now we have been running low on workers since the simply cannot 'handle' it here so the quit" she states

"Alright and......"

"And so we have teamed up with local jails and Juvenal halls to get worker. Basically if you've commuted a crime but it's not really that reasonable to be out in jail for they get sent here, since jails are becoming more and more full, they also think that this will change your mind so you actually have a heart seeing how hard others have it"

"Okay but I wanna know what it is I'll be doing here?" I say a bit more impatiently

"Grouchy you are" she giggles "okay well you will be assigned to one patient and that will be your patient till you leave. You jut have to do the basics such as watching them, giving them their mess, putting them to sleep, bathing them, waking them up, and just spending the day with them, they need to be social and feel comfortable around people.

I look at her and I raise my eyebrow. It seem a bit odd that they would actually trust people to go with their mentally ill patients. I mean I have no problem with people who suffer with it but they should really watch out.

"Alright so who will I be working with?" I ask

She takes a folder out that she was holding under her arm and opens it up and looks through, I'm assuming my paper work and she smiles "o good" she says and closes it up and looks at me "you will be seeing Cecily"

"Cecily?" I ask "is that a boy a girl and baby and adult a child or......."

"She is a girl and she's not bad at all, well until you anger her but other than that she's very quiet and really just keeps to herself" she sighs

"Okay when do I get to meet this Cecily girl" I ask

"First thing tomorrow morning you will begin working with her, right now she is at her speech therapy class so she'll be in there the rest of the afternoon, but look here's your cloths" she says handing me a pile of white clothing and shoes "here is your room key and you will be in room 45b so just go straight down and you are free to roam until 10 o clock that's is curfew"

I take the cloths and thank her and walk away and look for my room. I look around at all the people working with their patients and bone of them really arm upset or bothered by it. I continue to walk until I find my room. I push the door open and I sigh.

I look around at it noticing it's all white and there is a window a with a desk In front if it, a small closet, a regular twin bed and the carpet is nice fluffy and white and there is a small tv in the corner. I step in and close the door behind me and set the cloths down on the desk and I just lay down on the bed and groan.

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