Bone Dry

As Planet Earth's resources begin to wear thin,
humanity turns to its a favorite hobby.

A story about a soldier trapped in the concrete graveyard of 2040's New York


2. Breaking News

The driver said its was going to be a good couple ours before we got the next crossing point on the river. So everyone was hunkering down for the long drive again.

It was fuzzy, but I eventually managed to find a signal on my little radio: 

"Hello I'm Kathrine Moreau, and this is BBC news at Nine. The peace conference between representatives from the World Conservation Agency and Russian dignitaries was cut short today by Riots in Lisbon city center. The two parties were hoping to use Lisbon as a neutral ground upon which they could reach a compromise, but since the rioting commenced, Russia has backed out of negotiations. 

" Anti-Russia protesters outside the meeting were eventually subdued by privateers from the Jackal Corporation. The Jackal Corporation has recently expanded from its famed N.O.V.A energy research into weapons and defense technology. President Gregor Mandevich made a statement yesterday."     

"Jackal Industries has always changed focus when the need has arisen, first through the Oil market, the N.O.V.A project and now Weaponry. We have always found a way to provide people with what they need, and make a profit, even in times of war. We will continue to pursue the many uses of N.O.V.A tech, providing for the people, evening in these turbulent times." 

Corporal Riess snorted.

"Providing for the highest bidder, more like"

"shut up, i'm trying to listen to this" I hissed.

We both fell silent, as the reporter continued.

"There have been scattered rumors about the Jackal Corporations utilizing N.O.V.A technology for highly portable weapons of mass destruction, no statement has been made on the subject. There are already many people skeptical about the unethical use of weapon such as the "Säurewerfer" or "Salamander" and the revolutionary snipers rifle dubbed "Maelstrom". Jackal Industries is said to have begun distribution of these designs to the WCA."   

The Corporal and I looked at each other.

"Well, shit" he concluded, which I thought was an appropriate review of the situation.

"Better keep our heads down,then" I smiled

He chuckled, holding a finger above his head, let it fall and let out a long high note like a falling bomb. As his imaginary bomb came to land on the metal roof of the tank, the truck in front of us erupted into a ball of very real fire.

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