My Survival

Team Crafted and Diamonds Are a Girls BFF (two Minecraft/YouTube groups) are going to college and surprisingly meet up there. Find out what happens with Adam, Jason, Mitch, Jerome, Ty, Toni, Catrin, Lily, and Ariela in "My Survival"


2. Dead Inside

Ty's P.O.V

I was shaking. Maybe I shouldn't because, well this was college, I'm here with my best friends I need to calm down. My phone started ringing with one of Jason's remixes.................huh I don't remember that. Jason probably hacked into my phone again. Oh well. Anyways, this super annoying campus tour guide came up to me to tell me shortcuts and easier ways to get to places. I just zoned her out. She stopped talking for half a second and I ran. Once I was far away from her, I answered the call. Of course, it was from Jason. He was complaining about me being late......again. Whatever, I have to deal with his whining if I'm gonna live with him.  I complained about him too. His stupid girlfriend Piper was annoying as crap. Always trying to get me a girlfriend. Obviously it never worked. Before he hung up, Jason told me that he had a surprise. I wonder what it was. I ran up the stair as people pushed me into the wall. They wouldn't have treated me like that if they knew who I really was. I was really famous YouTuber and Minecrafter, Deadlox.


I walked into the room to see Jason. "The surprise?", I asked.

"Here.", He pushed me outside and gestured to a girl coming up the stairs, "That girl lives next door and there's another one on the other side of our dorm. Mitch's got his eyes on the second girl but she'll probably shake him off and-"

"Woah Jason calm down............This is great news and all but you're starting to sound like Piper.", I said. He stared at the floor. "Awwww, Jason, I overreacted."

"It's okay.", He hugged me.

"Anyways, I don't think either of them like me and I'm getting ready to ask Toni out"

"You don't even know her.........." 

"Well...............she likes me and I like her. I hope she likes me the same way"

Longer chapter today!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry that I didn't update yesterday.Hsd too much going on but next update will be soon. Another person will also be updating this story. I'm excited for all the reviews. Just remember that I hate criticism. WELLLLL.....see you later. 

~Catrin <3 :P 


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