My Survival

Team Crafted and Diamonds Are a Girls BFF (two Minecraft/YouTube groups) are going to college and surprisingly meet up there. Find out what happens with Adam, Jason, Mitch, Jerome, Ty, Toni, Catrin, Lily, and Ariela in "My Survival"


1. Prologue

                                    Mitch and Catrin Skyped each other and played Minecraft together before they met in person at the college. Ariela and Adam fought when they were kids and after Ariela broke up with him, he cried every day. Jason and Catrin were best friends and now Jason is trying to ask her out. Toni and Ty met at Minecon and started going out when they started college.Jerome is always at Mitch's side. Lily is always doing something like studying and such with Ariela. These friends meet up at college and just go through teenage drama.


                       Sorry guise about the short prologue, things have been hard at school with so many exams and it's been hard to upload. Anyways the first chapter should be out Monday somewhere around 12:00 pm. I get off school early that day but I may be late because of a fight that someone had with me so we are being talked to the vice principle about it. Wish me luck! 

                                       ~Catrin <3 :P


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