Here, We Call It Divergent

This is for the Divergent contest. I hope you like it :)

Tayla, was just 16 when her whole city fell apart after the Erudite plans. She was from Amity, but on her aptitude test she was inconclusive. Luckily she was told she wasn't the only person like this. She was introduced to Tris and Four. THey took Tayla with them when they left the city and never looked back.


1. Tayla

Hi guys, I'm Tayla. My parents were both born Amity and stayed there.

Here's a bit about me.


I don't really like the bright Amity colours... but we have to wear them when we're out. tbh I prefer darker colours.

I have dimples, like, REALLY big dimples. I like them. But only when people aren't poking my face. I also have brown hair that's kinda wavy so sometimes I curl or straighten it.

I have this teeny tiny crush on one of the dauntless boys. Devin is his name. He's just so… I can't even explain it. His eyes, his hair, his everything. I can't wait for the aptitude test. Hopefully I can get out of here and into somewhere else, maybe even Dauntless.

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