Here, We Call It Divergent

This is for the Divergent contest. I hope you like it :)

Tayla, was just 16 when her whole city fell apart after the Erudite plans. She was from Amity, but on her aptitude test she was inconclusive. Luckily she was told she wasn't the only person like this. She was introduced to Tris and Four. THey took Tayla with them when they left the city and never looked back.


2. Inconclusive?

Right now I'm headed to this god damn aptitude test... Obviously I'm not really nice enough to stay. Sometimes I feel more like a Dauntless. I love watching them, how they talk, to the way they walk, it all seems so much more... Exciting.


~Skipping test because it's really complex and hard to write, plus you all know how it goes~


I am so nervous. What if I get put back in Amity, or, even worse, Erudite *shudder*. There's nothing wrong with Erudite per-say, but I just happen to find all of them stuck up and snotty.

Waiting for my test results. I sit at the corner of the Amity section. The side facing Dauntless. As I look over, I see Devin, goofing off with a bunch of his friends, Anton, Shota, Ciarin (pronounced Kirin), I can't help but wish I was over there too, but I was scared. Now I know I can't be Dauntless, I have such a stupid fear, the fear of rejection. As all the other amity girls play their stupid clapping games and the guys tell their jokes and exchange meaningless teases, I sit there, silent, unmoving, I don't do anything or speak to anyone, I never have either. I'm that weird girl, the one that doen't fit in, the misfit. I knoe that I have to transfer but to what facti-

My thoughts were cut off my a woman calling my name "Tayla, from Amity, come get your aptitude test results"

I stand up so quickly that I bump into someone, I murmur out a quick sorry and look up to see it was Devin. God he's even cuter up close.

"HisorryIgottago" I rushed through my sentence and ran into the room where my results were waiting.


~ In the room~


"Hello, Tayla?" A woman with a sugary sweet voice and too much makeup is sitting at a desk in the middle of an all white room.

"Yeah that's me, what are my results?" I wasn't feeling very impatient right now, I just want to get this over with.

"Well, that's what I'd like to talk about." Sugar lady said, "Your results were... Inconclusive."

Inconclusive? What the hell does that mean?



Hey guys it's Taylor! Thanks so much for reading my story! I hope you're liking it!


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