Take It Or Loose It.

We're just another love story.


1. Hey.!

Emily P.O.V

I wake up to sound of my brother bursting into my room, to pull me out of bed.Groaning as I squint my eyes at him, pouting. "Louis!" I yell at him, holding onto the bed.

I cling to the bed, wanting to kick Louis in the face. He eventually, picks me up, throwing me over his shoulders and running around the house. I kick my legs, biting him on the shoulder. He drops me onto the couch, laughing. I nudge him playfully, jumping off the couch.

"We have to get ready for school. It's your last year being with me here." I sigh hearing Louis words.

I skip away from him, to the bathroom getting ready for school.

Louis P.O.V

After, waking my little sister up from her sleep. I walk outside grabbing my car keys, I stop at the door before opening it and yells up at her.

"Do you want a lift? Or are you walking?" I ask, grabbing my bag.

"I'll get a lift, I guess." She replies and I chuckle walking outside.

I see her coming out side, with her bag and she sits in the front, putting her bag in the back.

"By the way, we're going to be a little late to school, because the boys wants me to give them I lift." I start the car, as I begin driving to Harry's house first then Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam.

After picking everyone , I drive towards the school finding my way to the parking lot. " Here we are " I turn to face them in the back , chuckling quietly , as I pull the keys out .

Emily P.O.V

I get out of the car , walking towards the front of the school. I feel someone come up beside me , I glance over at the person. It was Harry standing next to me, I raise a brow at him slightly.

" Omg, could it be Harry Styles standing next to me.?" I say, pretending to be all excited as I roll my eyes playfully, nudging him with my elbow.

He chuckles quietly under his breath, as he throws his arm over my shoulder. " So hey.. I was wondering .." He blurts out before he gets interrupted by my friends, they pull me away from him, I glance back at him quickly before they pull me to the bathroom.

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