Dorms (mature read)

Its About A Girl Who Is From A Town But Then She Has To Move And Go To Dawson Collage Will Niall, harry and Louis Make Her Get Feelings For Them Or Will She Quit Collage

Find Out


8. Sh- She-

Claritys pov

me and my friend were climbing mountains "are we there yet" i said she nodded and pointed over to a huge mountain i groaned when we reached the top i looked over the cliff "so high" i said nervous my friend suddenly pushed me and stepped closer to me "wtf is ur prob" i said  " u i was supposed to be Harrys girlfriend but then u came along and ruined it " she said she pushed me "stop imma fall" i said my feet were half off the cliff she pushed me again i fell and screamed

nialls pov

"did u hear that" i said stopping 'what" Louis said 'shh" i said we heard the scream again it sounded like .. "clarity " i yelled i ran to the side i saw a body fall in the water Louis took his shirt off and dove in after her

Claritys pov

i hit the water it was freezing like snow on ur bare skin  i heard someone jumped in after me i started sinking deeper i yelled in the water causing me to lose all my air  i felt someone grab my waist my eyes stayed open cause it was to cold to close them and i was in shock to much then i got pulled out of the water and onto the sand "clarity clarity! " Louis said i just stared at the sky  i didn't respond niall took his sweater off and wrapped it around me the boys crowed around me i saw Liam call the ambulance 2 mins later i heard sirens the paramedics arrived they brought a stretcher they lifted me onto it and put me inside they boys came along with me i felt someone hold my hand 

later in the hospital

i looked around i started panicking then i saw Louis crying his eyes were all red and puffy from crying i moved my hand and put my hand in his he looked up "omg!" he said and hugged me i hugged back and kissed him   the doctor then came in "hi can u follow the light with ur eyes " he said i followed the light with my eyes "everything's good just keep her out of school for a while " he said they boys nodded i sighed


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