Dorms (mature read)

Its About A Girl Who Is From A Town But Then She Has To Move And Go To Dawson Collage Will Niall, harry and Louis Make Her Get Feelings For Them Or Will She Quit Collage

Find Out


3. Meep

Louis pov

i woke up and looked at the other bed to see clarity sleeping she so hot i said in my mid i got up and took a shower

clarity's pov

i woke up to hear the shower going i rubbed my eyes and got my laptop out and went on YouTube and filmed my self singing "hey guys i just wanted to sing a song for u ' i said

~~A fallen star,
Fell from your heart,
And landed in my eyes,

I screamed aloud,
As it tore through them,
And now it's left me blind,

The stars, the moon,
They have all been blown out,
You left me in the dark,

No dawn, no day,
I'm always in this twilight,
In the shadow of your heart,

And in the dark,
I can hear your heartbeat,
I try to find the sound,
But then it stopped,
And I was in the darkness,
So darkness I became,

The stars, the moon,
They have all been blown out,
You left me in the dark,

No dawn, No day,
I'm always in this twilight,
In the shadow of your heart,

oooh (x8)

when i was done i saw Louis look at me "what " i said and pressed the  button to stop recording i uploaded it and looked at him 'u have a amazing voice" i blushed


when i was outside doing my homework i saw a familiar face i got up "Anna" i said walking towards the girl she looked up at me and smiled i screamed and ran to her i hugged her and cried ' i missed u so much" i said "so can u teach me some stunts " she said i laughed i nodded and went on the grass first imma show u how it looks like i saw the boys passing by they stopped and stared at me i backed up and ran did a front flip 5 times fast doing 5 backflips twirling in the air 4 times ending it with a splits then i got up and did a back flip while twirling 7 times when i reached the ground i stopped "is that the boys u are stuck with " i nodded she winked i laughed "lets go to my dorm" i said we ran past the boys fast "good were fast " i said still running she laughed when we got to my dorm i unlocked it "girl what happens if they found out my secret' i whispered "they wont i promise" she said "anyway its not like u used to be a agent and it good at doing stuff' she said i laughed and nodded "well i got to go Mr. lage lost his agenda again" she groaned i laughed "bye" i said "bye " she said and left i sighed and ate a cookie just then the boys came in i ignored them and went on my laptop they stared at me "what" i said "ur boo-boo-boobs" niall said i looked at him like what the hell sigh i looked down to see half off my boobs out "immature" i said lifting my top just then they sat on my bed i got up and looked at them 'were u going i wanna touch those tits for yours" harry said i scoffed and bended over to get my books just then i felt someone smack my ass i turned around to see harry smirking i pushed him he fell to the ground he got up and looked angry i ran out of my door running as fast as i can "come back here" he said running after me  i started crying i ran outside to see Louis talking with his friends he looked at me and noticed i was running when i looked behind me i saw harry catching up i ran across the field i screamed and fell on he ground harry stopped running and smirked "what a pitiful thing to do " he said "look a girl is naked" i said he turned around to look i got up and ran to Louis i hugged him "plz help " i said i fainted and fell to the ground 



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