Dorms (mature read)

Its About A Girl Who Is From A Town But Then She Has To Move And Go To Dawson Collage Will Niall, harry and Louis Make Her Get Feelings For Them Or Will She Quit Collage

Find Out


5. Chase&Twerking Competitions

ellie's pov

i woke up and groaned i got off the bed and drank some chocolate milk Louis leaves me every morning i giggled to myself when he first did that i put on my eyeliner, mascara and concealer i put on my white tank top that said "im Louis's" i also put on my white tight shorts that were tight enough to make people see my butt then i put on my black addidas i went in the bathroom and dyed my hair red velvet red i put my bangs in front of my eye and headed to math class when i went to sit at my seat harry slapped my ass i ignored im and sat next to Louis "morning beautiful" he said "morning" i said   he put his arm around my chair i giggled  just then 2 men in black tux's came to the door the looked familiar "can we see clarity" they said i got up and went in the hall with them "guys wtf u doing here" i said "wow its good to see u to anyway the agency needs u back chase and his gang are after u " my mouth dropped open Alex handed me a walkie talkie i put it in my pocket "keep it with u at all times " i sighed and went back into class (bell rings last period) i sat at my table and looked around nervously when i looked outside the window i saw chase he looked at the same window i was looking out he smirked and came towards the door i got up and prepared to fight i tied my hair i hid behind niall "shh" i said pointing to a blonde guy i went up behind chase he turned around threw me in the lunch trays i fell to the floor in pain i groaned "think u can be undercover what a fool" he spat while walking around me Louis looked up at me worried i looked at chase angry i tripped him and threw him into the glass window causing it to shatter i blocked the glass from my face "don't ever say fool again" i said and walked away just then i felt a sharp pain in my arm i fell to the floor in pain and looked back to see chase holding a knife "what u Gonna do babe" he said i kicked his stomach and chocked him he fainted to the floor Louis rushed over to me "u ok" he said i couldn't speak because of the pain my eyes slowly closed i heard a ambulance in the background all i remember is Louis beside me in the ambulance (later in the hospital) i woke up to a beeping noise i looked around i saw Louis "Louis " i said in a fainted voice  he looked up at me and hugged me i kissed him "the doctors gave u stitches " he said i looked at my left arm and sighed i nodded (later at the competition) "u guys ready for a twerk off!!! " the dj said we all cheered "first is clarity and her group neon girls" he said me and my girls made are way to the floor we started off shaking our butts we all leaned down and shake them then we turned to the side and did booty popping fast that no one else could do we then turned around and shaked our ass and went low and high i went so low no one could do it while the rest did booty popping  when we were done everyone cheered for us even the dj we smiled and bowed next was the other teams turn when they were done everybody just clapped "the winners are........ neon girls!!" he shouted i screamed and hugged are group i got the spot light since im the leader then Louis came up to me and put his arm around my waist pulling me closer i giggled and French kissed him everyone cheered i laughed against his lips

(later that night)

i got undressed leaving my self in my panties and bra Louis smirked when he saw me i giggled and crawled on top of him and kissed him he moaned against my lips i smiled and laid on his chest doing circles with my finger soon we both fell asleep




well guys that's if for this chapter and plz give me ideas for the next one so yea bye!!


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