Bee's song

Katniss has been caught by the Capitol soldiers. She will be executed in front of the cameras. All districts should see the end of „the girl on fire”, the symol of hope. Can someone recue her? Peeta? Haymitch? Gale? Or maybe her unexpected love interest, the spoiled an rich Bee...


1. Girl on fire

What is wealth? What is power?. What gives us the power? 
"Turn it off. I'm tired of looking at violence" moaned Bee turning away from the screen.
The elevator opened. Katniss clutched the dress in her hands. She was  at the presidential ball and had just left the party. She stepped into the elevator and noticed the young man standing there.l
He was tall and thin, clearly having bleached hair as it was black at the roots. 
Tattoos stood out from under the shirt sleeves  marking both his arms. He looked at her playfully with brown eyes. He made a bubble from his chewing gum and smiled to himself. Katniss blushed  under his gaze. 

They did not say anything. They were observing each other in the elevator, and she felt that a smile grew on her face. The elevator stopped. The man, who had been casually leaning against the wall, blinked at her and disappeared into the corridor.
"Who was this?” asked Katniss.
"Bee Caterfield , a favorite singer of the Capitol . But his music is just a cover for his political activities" Haymitch muttered with disgust.
President Snow raised his head. Bee came into the dining room . He dropped his expensive fur onto a chair theatrically.
"They will execute her in a week" as the president raised a chicken leg .
"I will not give you any more money. You blew the case. Do you see what is happening ?"
„We will stop the rebellion . They will see the girl on fire, burning"
„It will just spark riots . You could have done it a long time ago, discreetly” Bee said as he sat down.
„Discreetly. How?” the president drank wine from the chalice.
"Of course you give a crib . Spend billions to kill one girl , and by the way you Ignite fire , you show that your whole empire can not cope with a totally depressed woman who can not deal with her own nightmares."
"What was I supposed to do?” the president turned red.
„Some unsatisfied and hungry worker from District 12 could shoot her before the touring started.  How many of them were jealous that she and Peeta live in better houses, and have enough to eat? We know that the girl has mental trauma after what has happened in the arena , she could so easily not handle the pressure , commit suicide... no. You are building a new arena , sending armies , loading up the gold , and consolidating her position hopping  for the fall of the system . It's you who provoked the rebellion , and its because of your ineffective politics."
"But it will be over soon." The president choked on wine and coughed loudly „It’s  hot in here."
You're right, your ineffective policy will end  soon, very soon.” Bee got up...

They moved her to the square. Soldiers dressed in white stood in two equal columns. The sky hung low over the earth full of clouds .The sky, full of clouds, hung low over the land. No one was allowed into the main square for  fear of riots. Wearing a modest black dress, she was led out by two soldiers. She wanted to scream, but didn’thave the strength to cry out. 
Tears flowed from a heart full of bitterness. She just hoped that her mom and sister would survive . So ended the dream of rebellion and   freedom. 
 In her mind she said goodbye to everyone. She would love to see someone today ,. Anyone. Even the forever drunk friend. The stack grew in her eyes. A huge pile of wood and pile, to which they will tie her. The ubiquitous cameras spun the execution of the rebel, the enemy of the president. How many of her relatives watched the broadcast of the execution . She felt a jolt when they stopped.
The Captain read her sentence out loud. Then he led her up the stairs to the top of the stack. A soldier tied her to a stake and checked the bonds. She stood barefoot on the unstable branches. Several smaller ones cracked and broke under her.
"No, please no”  she moaned trying to take a step , but the ties hampered her too much .
The captain shouted . The soldiers turned, saluted, and the one closest to the stack picked up the torch and lit the stack on fire. 
She screamed and cried writhing with fear. Her heart pounded rapidly . She could smell burnt branches and heavy smoke carried by the cold wind. That was how the capital took care of the matter . Put an end to the revolution. They will kill everyone she ever loved. Anyone who dared to stand by her side. Anyone besides him. He had enough money and power to take himself out of the situation. Besides, who knew about him and her?. Haymitch , Peeta , no one will believe them . She saw flames shooting up and fast approaching with a bang .
"No. Please”   her scream echoed off the walls.
Fear gripped her  tightly. She tried to take a few short breaths. The fire was closer now.. She could feel the  heat . Tears were flooding down her cheaks. 
Sizzle ... Like a thunderbolt . And then the whistle of the wind in the microphone .
"Residents of the Panem."
And the voice . His voice .
"President Snow is dead. As the highest ranked man after him I take over his duties for the duration until the election of a new president . I hereby declare that Katniss Everdeen is innocent of the her alleged actions. I revok the execution. Put out the fire!"
There was commotion in the square. The rumble of feet. Shouting soldiers and water, cold as ice flooding the flaming branches . Hands cutting her free from the pile , pushing her down on to the cold stone square irritating her bare feet . She looked up at the grandstand , where the president always spoke. Bee nodded to his servant , who threw a long white-gold fur on his shoulders. In leopard patterned gloves Bee clutched a piece of paper. He looked at the square for a moment. Then he turned around and disappeared behind tall metal doors. At the moment she hated him the most. Suddenly she heard a scream. A swarm of people rushed  into the square. There was a lot of confusion . She slowly began to recognize faces.. Haymitch kicking a lying guard. Finnick brandishing an ax like a wild beast . Peeta making his way foward with a knife and a spear. She sank to the ground. After a moment, she felt strong arms lifting her up .
"You're safe" she heard the sound of a familiar voice.
Secure . She felt safety in the golden palace where Bee was surrounded only by art. She barely looked at the face diminishing before her eyes . Gale ... and then everything slipped into the darkness.
The burning fireplace was giving pleasant warmth. In the deep forest , far away in District 13 was a cottage hidden from the world. Katniss was lying on animal skins turned into a makeshift bed. Above her the wooden  ceiling appeared to tremble from lights cast by the dancing flames.
Bee sniffed the air and tapped the microphone with a glove.
„Kat”  Gale put a finger on her lips.
She closed her eyes . She remembered the crystal chandeliers in the mayor’s palace.
"Residents of Panem" Bee raised his voice .
Gale leaned over and Katniss felt his kiss. For the first time they were alone in such romantic conditions.
"As the interim head of the state , until the time the of election, I’m here to announce the abolition of districts and the end  of the insurgency , which claimed so many victims. All citizens have restored the right to equality, freedom and decent work."
She was trembling . Why wasn’t she able to love only one person?
"Unfortunately, our beloved Katniss disappeared. Through the time of the rebellion you were our only hope , and now you still remain the symbol of all we fought for. Panem needs you.  Only you can restore our dignity. Only you can we trust. There is no one better than you who can fill the void left by the dreadful horror ."
"Please. Do not leave your country.. If any of you see Katniss please, please give her these words."
"Please go back to the Capitol and become the president of Panem” Bee raised his voice , and a storm of applause in the main square followed him.
"You know, the way it is now it can be forever” the fire was fading. Gale  curved a strand of her dark curls on his finger .
She was wrapped in a blanket and cuddled up to him, watching the sparks escape . She felt fulfillment and longing . There, outside the hut, outside the forest was so much more . So much more. This former Katniss . The one who has never been in the arena , who never met Bee , this one could stay by Gale . But this Katniss?
"Come back to me"  whispered Bee turning off the microphone.
It happened that the highest mayor  and the richest man in Panem fell in love with a rebel. He was ready to do everything for her: to poison the president, to save her from execution, to change the political system, complete the rise, and make her the new president.
They were arguing again. They were so different. She  a girl brought up in District 12 , seasoned in battle. He, a rich , disgusted , singer, flowing with luxury and a brilliant politician.
"I have to follow my heart" Katniss almost cried.
"Then go to this peasant"    Bee raised a clutch bag .
Fireworks lit up  the sky  , the entire capital celebrated Peeta's wedding   .
"Just tell me what he can offer you in addition to his burrow in the forest. What will you be doing there? . Scrub his smelly socks, darn holes in his shoes , and cook, somehow , lunch , dinner, for many, many years , not to mention his underwear”   Bee winced.
"You do not understand my heart tells me .."
„Where was he, the peasant, when you decided to volunteer instead of Prim? He let Peeta settle the matter . If he loved you as much as you love him he would never let you alone into the arena . He would volunteer instead of Peeta , if only to be with you and save your life."
Katniss took a deep breath.
"Where was he?. But if your heart says so… I”ll move out of the way as Peeta did. You’re free to do whatever you want”  Bee turned and left.

She left behind the guards . She crisscrossed the wilderness of former District 13. She was searching everywhere for Bee . Since he departed, taking with him his goods, paintings and sculptures, she missed him more than ever. With a bow in hand she was moving foward, she told the guards she came here to hunt alone. She was deep in the forest when she heard a quiet singing. A familiar voice whistleing one of his hits.
" Bee " Katniss moved in the direction of the voice. The song was carried by the wind and rustled in the trees .
" Bee " Katniss ran faster and faster.
She came to a clearing near the lake and stopped. Bee was dressed quite modestly , in dark blue fur. He was walking along the shore singing . Katniss stared at him. Suddenly she felt a presence . She pulled an arrow and streched the bow  . On the other side of the clearing between the trees lurked Gale . He moved quietly. He directed an arrow to the unaware of the danger Bee. For a moment Katniss was considering her choice, but the decision had been made a long time ago . She ran down the hill toward the lake .
„ Watch out, Bee„  she cried covering him. The air was cut by an arrow. Bee reacted quickly and pushed Katniss on the ground. They both rolled in the sand on the shore of the lake. Bee howled in pain. Terrified, Katniss looked at him. The arrow stuck in his thigh. The girl sighed . She got up on her knees and stretched the bow aming at Gale. The man looked at her in disbelief. Katniss finally let the bow down.
"I'll spare your life for the last time. Go . If I ever meet you in such circumstances again I would not hesitate" she screamed.
Gale looked at her and then  ran disappearing among the trees . Katniss bent over Bee.
„Is everyting all right„ she asked.
"Help me out of this , damn, it hurts" whispered Bee .
"I'm going to the guards" Katniss nose touched his nose.
"Just hurry up" Bee smiled warmly.
Katniss smiled back....


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