The Move

What happens when 3 best friends move to London and meet One direction? There will be love, relationships, tragedy, and heartache. Maybe everything will work out in the end.. But maybe it won't. Read to find out!! <3


10. ~Chapter 9~

Jamie's p.o.v.

It's been about a month since Autumn's been in a coma. Right now me, Emma, and the guys are sitting in our living room. We just got back from visiting Autumn in the hospital. She still hasn't woken up. The doctor says she's improving but not enough. The guys have the rest of November, December, and half of January till they go back on tour.

Me and Liam are getting closer and closer. Emma says she can see the way he looks at me. He's such a sweet and caring person. He's all that I look for in a guy.. And He bought me this beautiful necklace... It's exactly what I wanted.

I walked in the kitchen to get a drink. I noticed Liam was behind me.

"Hey Liam." I said smiling.

"Hey.. Can we talk?" He said sounding a little nervous.

"Of course"

"Umm.. I-I ... really like you.. And I was wondering if you'd maybe... Go out with me?" Liam said looking at the floor.

"Yes!" I said a little to excited.

He smiled at me and we hugged and he kissed me on the cheek. Oh my god I can't wait to tell Autumn.. I thought.

We walked back out in the living room and everybody cheered.

"How'd you guys know!?" I asked

"He's been rehearsing for it all day." Louis said laughing.

We all laughed and we sat down on the couch.

I looked at Niall who hasn't been his normal self since Autumn left that night. I feel so horrible. I'm not gonna lie.. I still don't want Autumn with him. I don't trust him... Not yet at least. He hasn't proven himself to to me yet. And if he wants my blessing he better. And soon!

Just then there was a knock on the door. We stayed sitting like lazy bums waiting for someone other then ourselves to answer.

"Anybody gonna get that.. No.. Okay. You guys are lazy!" I yelled and Emma got up.

She opened the door and there stood Leslie, Harry's ex.

"Are you Emma?" Leslie asked smirking.

"Yeah.. Why?"

Then she jumped on her and tackled her to the ground. We all got up and ran over to them. Louis pulled Leslie off of Emma.

"You are crazy!" Harry screamed at Leslie.

"You broke up with me for her!" Leslie yelled.

"Cause I like her! Unlike you who nobody likes cause your crazy! Harry said

"Whatever Harry. I'm not done with you." Leslie said walking away.

"You really like me?" Emma said smiling.

"Yeah.." Harry said smiling.

"So..?" Emma said

Harry finally caught on and he smiled.

"So will you go out with me?" Harry asked.

"Sure." Emma said happily.

"Well now everybody's taken except for Niall!" I looked at him and chuckled.

"Haha. Funny." Niall said annoyed.

Emma's p.o.v.

Me and Harry have been dating for more than a month now. I honesty couldn't be happier! Autumn hasn't woke up yet.. It's been more than 2 months. I hate to admit it but I'm losing faith.

The guys have an interview in a couple minutes and we just got to the studio the interview is at. We walked inside as the paparazzi to pictures of all of us. The interviewer came and introduced himself.

"Hi I'm Phil. It's nice to meet you guys."

"You too." Liam said.

We walked backstage and the guys got ready for the interview. Me and Jamie sat there and watched the interview on the side of the stage.

Phil welcomed one direction to the stage and they talked for a couple minutes. He started asking some questions when my phone started ringing. I looked and saw it was a random number. I answered.


"Hi this is Kelly the nurse from the hospital. We wanted to inform you that Autumn woke up." The nurse said through the phone.


"Yes." Kelly said.

"Okay I'll be right there! Thank you so much!" I hung up.

"Jamie! Autumn woke up!" I yelled really loud forgetting that we were supposed to be quiet since we were on the side of the stage.

We started jumping up and down full of excitement. The guys stood up and ran over to us hugging us.

"C'mon lets go!" Liam yelled.

We ran out to the van and got in. Jamie drove us to the hospital and we ran inside and ran to Autumn's room. We walked in to Autumn sitting up watching tv.

"Autumn!" We all yelled running up to her.

She gave us a weird look and smiled.

"Umm hi? Can I help you guys..?" Autumn said not knowing who we were.

"You- you don't remember us..?" Niall said his voice full of sadness.

"No.. Sorry.. Should I?" Autumn said.

Niall stood there.. trying not to cry.

"I'm gonna go.. I need to get some more sleep.." Niall said in shock. He turned around and started walking.

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