The Move

What happens when 3 best friends move to London and meet One direction? There will be love, relationships, tragedy, and heartache. Maybe everything will work out in the end.. But maybe it won't. Read to find out!! <3


46. ~Chapter 45~

Jamie's POV

Today's the day Autumn and Niall come back. Yay! I haven't seen them in a whole week. While they were gone we moved all of Autumns stuff into Niall's apartment. They're on their way here now from the airport. Emma's really scared about the whole Carson thing.. And I'm not gonna lie, I am too. We agreed not to tell Autumn and Niall cause Autumn would freak out and not be able to sleep or anything. I'm just scared he's gonna come back..

Me and Liam were cuddling on the couch, Louis was playing games on his phone, Zayn was watching tv, and Harry and Emma were sitting on the floor while Harry messed with Emma's hair. There was a knock on the door and I jumped up and opened it.

"Autumn! Niall!" I yelled and hugged them and everyone else came and hugged them.

"Did you guys have fun?" Emma asked and they nodded.

"You guys wanna stay and watch a movie?" I asked.

"Sure." Niall said.

We agreed on watching High School Musical. I mean who doesn't like high school musical? I put the movie in and sat next to Liam on the couch. Pretty soon the first one ended and we watched the 2nd and 3rd one.. Haha! I'm sure the guys were excited about it. It got pretty late and all of us ended up falling asleep in the living room.

I woke up in the morning to light footsteps running down the hall. I glanced down the hall to see Autumn running to the bathroom. I ran after her and held her hair back.

"Do you have the stomach flu or food poisoning or something?" I asked her and she sighed and shook her head.

"I was supposed to start my period yesterday.. But I didn't.." Autumn said covering her face.

"Wait.. Are you telling me-"

"I'm not sure if I'm pregnant.. Maybe I'm not."

I reached into the cabinet and pulled out a pregnancy test and tossed it to her.

"Why do we have one here..?" She asked me.

"Remember when my cousin came to stay for a couple days? Yeah she left it here."

"Oh.." Autumn said. "Okay leave. I'll let you know."

We had to whisper so we didn't wake anyone up. I left and she called me back in about 20 minutes later. She held the test up to me and I looked at it.

"Did you guys not use protection!?" I whisper/yelled.

"We did! Oh my god.. I'm not ready for this Jamie. I'm not ready! Niall's not ready!"

"Shhh! It'll be okay.. Your already a week in. You can do it.." I said trying to make her feel better.

"This stays between us okay?" She said.

"When are you gonna tell Niall??" I asked.

"I don't know.. I guess soon. I just don't think he's ready. Heck! I don't think I'm ready." Autumn said in tears.

"Autumn.. It'll be fine. I can already picture how cute your kid will be." I said making her chuckle. "Oh my gosh we need to think about names and I get to pick out clothes and they'll call me Aunt Jamie! I'm so excited!"

"Hahaha oh my god Jamie."

"Come on. Let's go back out there."

We walked out into the living room to see everyone awake. I sat down next to Liam who put his arm around me.

"Hey babe, you okay? You don't look so good.." Niall said standing up and feeling her forehead with his hand.

"Uh.. Yeah.." Autumn said lying.

Autumn's POV

We all just sat in the living room in silence. All you could hear was the sound of the tv. It's definitely awkward.. I hope nobody realizes something's up.. I'm not telling anybody else yet.

Then I felt like I was gonna be sick so I got up and calmly went to my old room and locked the door. I sat on my bed and just cried. I'm scared.. And I know I need to tell Niall and I don't know how he's gonna take it.. I don't want this to mess up his music career. Most bands break up when one has a kid.. I can't do this by myself.. I can't.

Pretty soon there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?"

"Emma and Jamie."

I got up and let them in and closed it behind them. I wiped my tears away and sat down on my bed.

"Okay. Whats wrong? Jamie won't tell me." Emma said sitting down next to me.

"I- I'm um.. I'm pregnant." I said stuttering.

"What! Oh my god!" Emma shouted happily and me and Jamie shhh'd her.

"You need to tell Niall." Emma whisper/yelled.

"I know! I just don't want him to be mad."

"Why would he be mad?"

"Cause we didn't mean to have it yet! He's at the top of his career and they have another tour coming up!"

"He needs to know!"

"I know.. I'll tell him tomorrow."



"Lets go to a club!" Louis shouted.

Everyone agreed except for me of course..

"Oh come on it'll be fun!" Niall said coming up behind me.

"No.. I just don't feel that good."

"I'll stay home then." Niall said about to sit down by me.

"No. You go, have fun."

"You sure?"


Jamie said she didn't feel like going so she'd stay here with me. The others left and we decided on looking through baby magazines. We went to the store and got some magazines, and some food that I was craving. Paparazzi followed us around the whole time.

We got back and we went to me and Niall's apartment and looked through the magazines until I got tired and went to bed.

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