The Move

What happens when 3 best friends move to London and meet One direction? There will be love, relationships, tragedy, and heartache. Maybe everything will work out in the end.. But maybe it won't. Read to find out!! <3


2. ~Chapter 1~

Autumn's POV

"Wooh!" I shouted as I threw my tasseled hat in the air along with the rest of my class, shouting and screaming too. I was going to move to London with Emma and Jamie. I was especially excited for our graduation party that night. We were going to party, then after everyone left we would spend the night at Emma's house since she had the most bedroom space.

I walked out of the school after painfully saying goodbye to my less known friends, hugging and waving, and walked to my parents car following behind them and my little brother-cough-jerk-cough. I strapped myself in and we drove off to my house.

Emma's POV

After the graduation ceremony I drove home with my mom and got my bedroom ready as well as prepared myself for the party at around 8:00. I got dressed, did my makeup, and my hair. I wore an orange, short poofy dress, a pair of black heels, a my hair was in a short ponytail. I ran to my blue convertible, it was already 6:00 and knowing them I had to help set up the party that they didn't even start yet.

Jamie's POV

I came home after the utterly boring graduation ceremony where I stood for an hour then had to read a graduation speech which might I say was impressive. I quickly got into my dress, did my makeup, and did my hair. I wore a blue dress with a tight center, silk, short, and a sweetheart neckline. I also wore black, glossy, belted heels and my hair was down. I hopped into my black truck and drove off to Autumn's.

I arrived in a fairly fast time since I live like two blocks from her. She was waiting at her front porch and was completely transformed. She wore a purple poof dress with sparkles everywhere and a sweetheart neckline.

"Lets get this party started!" I called when Emma finally arrived.

"Will Do!" Autumn said.

We grabbed lights, balloons, gold confetti, a disco ball, and flashing lights. Autumn's dad owned a club in which we were going to have the party. It was big, exclusive, and we got 5 Seconds of Summer to come. I may hate 1 Direction but I do happen to like this band. I did before they played at the 1 Direction concert my friends dragged me to. I swore after that concert "Never again!"

When we arrived at the club we started to get everything set up. We had a few of our guy friends come to help us. Their was Brian and Jack who are twins, Carson, and Ray. They were all just friends except for Carson and Jack. Emma had been dating Carson for about a year. Autumn was dating Jack and had been for about 8 months.

We got finished just in time. Right when we turned on the lights people started steaming through the door. We got hugged, smashed, or ignored entirely.

"Some party huh?" Emma asked.

"Yah, we have gotten trampled by people and now we are going to go dance and have fun. It is the last time we may ever see these people." I said.

"Shes right, lets go have fun."

And we did, for a while.

But next thing I knew Emma was running out the door, tears streaming down her face, makeup all over hell and creation, and their was a huge black and blue mark on her face.

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