Ava had never fallen in love. She had never experienced kissing in the rain, long walks on the beach or a moonlit picnic. The feeling of a million butterflies doing somersaults in your stomach when you meet THE ONE was rare to her. But one day she's invited to tour a haunted house and everything is not as it may seem. She meets a boy there and he's definitely...different.


1. Ava

My jet black hair fell all the way down my back as my striking green eyes stared into the full length mirror in front of me. I slipped on my rolling stones t-shirt and my black denim shorts over my under garments and added a black leather jacket and stepped into my black converse. My favourite nose stud fitted into my nose perfectly and I grabbed my iPhone from my oak bedside table. 

My name is Ava and I'm an eighteen year old typical girl. Well, kind of typical anyway. I'm interested in things a lot of other girls couldn't care less about. Stuff such as comic books, superheroes and indie bands. I also love heavy metal bands and dress like an emo/goth/punk. It's a bit hard to explain actually. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is I'm not like your typical girl I guess. 

Enough about me now. I dashed down the creaky stairs and raced into the kitchen.

"Bye, mum!" I yelled as I walked into the living room where she was sitting watching TV. 

"Bye, darling! Have a good time!" she yelled back. I had been invited to tour a haunted house by some guy and usually I would be very skeptical about things like this. However, the idea of going to a haunted house had always appealed to me. And, I never had done something really exciting or daring in my life and I felt like this was a good start. 

When I'd started my car and began driving, I became a lot more nervous. My hands were feeling sweaty; my heart was racing a million miles an hour and my breathing had instantly quickened. What if it really was a haunted house and there were real ghosts? What if I was getting myself into serious danger here? 

I almost considered turning back but I didn't want to feel like a coward. 
"Come on Ava. There's nothing to be scared of," I told myself. After about fifteen minutes of driving and following directions from my GPS, I'd finally arrived.

"Looks like this is the place," I whispered to myself.

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