Ghostly Love

Jade moves to a new home where she has to meet new friends all because her mom remarried. The day Jade arrives to her new home she meets a ghost named Nick. While trying to figure out how to break his dreadful curse, Jade begins to fall in love with him. Will they break the curse? Will they be able to be together as they had planned? Read to find out!


8. Chapter 8

I shoot up out of bed, screaming. Nick is at my side, panicking and trying to get me to calm down. Tears are running down my face and I can tell by the look on Nick's face that he wishes he could do something. 

"It's okay , it's okay. Calm down." he says and moves towards me. My sobs slowly become silent. With a worried look on his face, Nick asks, "Are you okay?"

I nod, tears still streaming down my face. "It, it was just a bad dream. I'm fine." I say, looking down at my hands.

"You don't look okay. What happened?" he asks.

"You left." I say, starting to cry even harder. "When we got you back to normal you left me."

"I would never do that, Jade." he says. "I... Never mind."

"You what?" I ask, silently crying.

"I... I love you. Jade, I love you, I really do." he says.

"I love you too, Nick." I say and something weird happens. Nick becomes more alive. He isn't totally back but he's coming. All we have to do know is find the violin and unwind the ravenwood vine and he will be back.

Nick realizes I'm staring at him and he asks, "What? What is it?"

"You look more alive!" I say and smile.

"Really?!?" Nick asks, surprised.

"Yes. I don't want to waste anymore time. I want to go find your violin and break your curse." I say and start to get out of bed.

"Wait." he says, stopping me. "Can you feel this?" he asks and reaches out his hand and touches my cheek.

I can barley feel his touch but I know it's there. It's light and cool. I nod and he smiles. Nick moves closer. I close my eyes and feel the light, cool touch on my lips. Then it starts to get warmer and I can feel Nick's lips on mine. 

He pulls away and I open my eyes. He is smiling at me. He kisses me on my forehead and takes my hand. "Let's go find that violin." he says.

We walk out the door and go upstairs. We go into the library and Nick shows me the notebook his uncle had wrote in. I read through it and I start to think nothing is in here about the curse until I see Nicks name. It says the violin is in the music room. We leave the library and go down the hall, looking in each room for the music room.

We reach the fourth room and see a grand piano, a guitar, a microphone, a drum set, and a violin. I walk to the violin and I see a vine around the neck of it. I pick it up and feel the vine. It feels stuck to the violin. I tug on it but it doesn't budge.

Nick comes up behind me. "That's my violin." he says.

"The vine isn't coming off." I tell him.

"Open the notebook." he says and I do. We read over it and I see that we have to destroy the spell book that his uncle used to curse him. I run to my room and grab the book.

I run downstairs and into the kitchen. I get the lighter fluid from under the sink and run out the back door. I get wood and leaves and through them into a pile. I take the book and put it on top, then poor lighter fluid all over the pile. 

Before I light it, I hear someone coming behind me. I turn around and see Nick. He has the violin in his hand. "Do it, Jade." he says. I light the lighter and set the pile on fire.

The book goes up in flames. I turn around and take the violin from Nick. I try to pull the ravenwood off the violin and it doesn't budge.

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