Ghostly Love

Jade moves to a new home where she has to meet new friends all because her mom remarried. The day Jade arrives to her new home she meets a ghost named Nick. While trying to figure out how to break his dreadful curse, Jade begins to fall in love with him. Will they break the curse? Will they be able to be together as they had planned? Read to find out!


12. Chapter 11

We walk down the steps to the second floor and go into my room. I get my pajamas out of the drawer and Nick leaves the room so I can change. Once I'm in my pajamas I call out for Nick. He comes in and sits by my bed and looks at me with a worried look on his face.

"I'm fine," I tell him. "I just hit my head, I'll be okay. Don't worry about me, okay?"

"Okay, Jade. You can tell me not to worry as many times as you want but that doesn't mean I won't." he says. "It's my fault you hit your head. If I would've been able to help you move the piano, it wouldn't have happened."

"It's not your fault," I tell him. "I moved to fast and I didn't have a good grip."

"Whatever you say," he says with an angry look on his face.

"Please stop," I say starting to cry.  "I don't want to get in a fight with you."

"Don't cry. It's going to be okay. I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at myself for letting it happen."

"Don't be. It was an accident and accidents happen," I tell him.

"Okay," he says. For a moment we stare at each other. Then I start to get sleepy and my eyes begin to close, but I try to force them to stay open.

Nick notices me trying to stay awake and says, "Get some sleep, Jade. I'll see you in the morning. Sweet dreams, my love."

"Goodnight Nick. I would tell you sweet dreams but you don't sleep." I say.

"It's okay," he says. 

"I love you Nick."

"I love you too Jade." he says and before i could tell him anything else, I drift off into a deep sleep.

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