No Regrets (Hartbig fanfic)

So I was looking for a Hartbig fanfic and I couldn't find one,so I brought it upon myself to write one!
Grace Helbig,Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart are best friends and have been for some time now.Most of Grace's and Hannah's fans make fanfics and call them 'Hartbig'.Occasionally Grace would read these fanfics not really bothered by what her fans were saying,but Hannah was a completely different story.Hannah so desperately longed for one of the fanfics to come to life.
Will it happen?


2. Drunken Mistakes

Much to my dismay,this fanfic is all lies.I do know that Hannah and Grace do not live together.


There it was.That stomach ache Hannah knew she would get finally kicked in.

"Owwww" said Hannah,obviously trying to get Grace's attention.

"Oh sorry,Hannah.Did I hug you too tight" asked Grace.

"No I just ate my breakfast too fast this morning because I was really excited to see you." confessed Hannah.

"Well,for someone that was excited to see me,you sure are late!Haha,why are you always so honest with everyone?"

Not with everyone.I have been honest with everyone but you,Grace.But if I were to be honest,you would hate me.Forever.

Hannah knew she couldn't say that to Grace,not right now anyway,so she replied with just a simple shrug.

"By the way,I think I may have broken every single fragile item inside that suitcase of yours" said a not-so-apologetic Grace.

"You may as well help bring my box of broken stuff into the house,Grace"

"Whatever you say,Master Hannah"

---------------------Later that evening---------------

"Jesus,Hannah.Did you really have to bring so much shit?" said an exhausted Grace.

"Excuse me,Grace,but all of this 'shit' is very near and dear to my heart"

"Hey Harto,Mametown is coming over with the twink in a few minutes.Can you go get the shot glasses?"

"Course I can Smelbig"

Hannah walked into the kitchen,ignoring Grace's complaints.Hannah pushed the door open to get to  kitchen,but stopped midway.Out of the corner of Hannah's right eye,she saw something she hadn't seen before.It was a frame with her and Grace in it.Hannah remembered when this picture was taken.It was about a month ago,when Grace,Mamrie and Hannah went to the park nearby.The picture was torn in half so that all you could see was Hannah,Grace and all the children in the background playing with their kites.

Hannah picked up the frame  and went into the kitchen to take the shot glasses out of the press,the confused look not leaving her face.She walked back into the living room,put the glasses on the coffee table,turned around to Grace and just pointed at the picture,a questioning expression spread across her face.

"What?" asked a nervous Grace.

"Where's Mamrie in this picture?" asked Hannah

"Oh,uhm I dunno"

"What do you mean you don't kn-"

Hannah was cut off by the doorbell ringing.Hannah reluctantly went to answer the door,and was met by two very excited people.Mamrie 'Mametown' Hart(no relation) and Tyler 'The Twink' Oakley. Mamrie took  one look at Hannah,shoved the bottle of vodka into Tyler's chest and embraced Hannah in a hug,shoving Hannah's neck under her chin.Hannah's pleas for release went unheard.

"Hello namesake" said Mamrie releasing Hannah.

"Hello bigger Hart,Hey Twink"

"Hello,your majesty" said Tyler,bowing down infront of Hannah.

"Arise fair knight,before you break that bottle that you grasp in your hands" said Grace from behind Hannah.

"A wild Grace Helbig appears" said Mamrie

Grace gestured for them to come in.

---------------------2 bottles of vodka later------------------------

"Guys I'm so drunk" laughed Tyler,getting up from the couch.

"Hey!Twink! Sit back down,we're playing truth or dare" slurred Mamrie

"Yeah,truth or dare is fun.I like fun."said Hannah,stumbling over to the couch

Grace,being the only sober one there said it may not be such a good idea considering that 3/4 of them were drunk.

"Hey,Smelbig.Why didn't you drink anything?All you had was one shot of vodka." asked Hannah

"Because,I might regret it in the morning"

"Whatever Smelbig,now sit down.You're playing too"


"Tyler!Truth or dare?" asked Mamrie

"Dare!" replied Tyler.

"I dare you to go stick your head in the toilet!" said Mamrie,a devious smile spread across her face.

"What if I don't?"

"Then the internet will know how big of a pussy you are,Twinky."


Tyler stomped towards the bathroom,followed by two Harts and a Helbig,and stuck his head in the toilet,taking it back out a second later.

"Well...that was boring.." said Mamrie rather bored.

"You chose the dare dipstick" replied Tyler "It's my turn to dare someone now.Grace!Truth or dare?"

"Dare!" replied Grace with her best game face

Tyler smirked at Grace and Grace immediately regretted her decision,knowing that Tyler shipped Hartbig.


Grace looked over at Hannah who obviously had no idea what was going on because she was just sitting outside the bathroom door laughing to herself.Grace thought that Hannah wouldn't remember it in the morning and asked Tyler for how long.

"Five seconds or more if you're really into it" replied a soaking wet Tyler.

Mamrie just sat there looking at Grace smiling.Grace sighed and looked at Hannah one more time.

"Go on" smirked Tyler

Grace approached Hannah and looked at her and Hannah immediately looked back up at her.

"Can I help you,Smelbig?"

"There's those big blue eyes again"

"They've always been here Grace." said Hannah. "Just, this time you happen to be looking"

"Graacceeeee,you're staaallliinnnnnngggg" said Tyler

Grace crashed her lips onto Hannah's which made Hannah gasp.Grace was kissing Hannah,but Hannah wasn't reciprocating.Grace,annoyed,kissed Hannah twice as hard and Hannah gave in.Graced danced her tongue along Hannah's bottom lip asking for permission,and that's when Hannah broke away.

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