No Regrets (Hartbig fanfic)

So I was looking for a Hartbig fanfic and I couldn't find one,so I brought it upon myself to write one!
Grace Helbig,Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart are best friends and have been for some time now.Most of Grace's and Hannah's fans make fanfics and call them 'Hartbig'.Occasionally Grace would read these fanfics not really bothered by what her fans were saying,but Hannah was a completely different story.Hannah so desperately longed for one of the fanfics to come to life.
Will it happen?


1. Moving in

Waking up to the sun shining through the window,Hannah streched with a grin as she was looking forward to the event that was to come.She was finally moving in with her best friend Grace Helbig,and Hannah couldn't wait.She jumped out of bed as if she were in a commercial for some sort of face wash.Running into the living room of  her apartment she opened the press to take a bowl out quite excitedly and came close to breaking her favourite cereal bowl.

"Whew that was close"said Hannah relieved.

She started to pour her favourite cereal 'Lucky Charms' into the bowl and poured in the milk as if she were in a race against time.She ate it so fast that she knew she was bound to have a stomach ache later in the day.With the smallest bit of cereal left Hannah picked up the bowl and started to pour the rest of the cereal into her mouth.When she was finished,she quickly washed and dried the bowl.

"I'm so excited to see Grace!I can hardly wait!" exclaimed Hannah not being able to stop the smile spreading across her face.

Hannah quickly made her way into her bedroom to pack her clothes in the suitcase she had prepared for about a month now.Hannah packed all the essentials first.Clean clothes,shampoo,conditioner,deoderant,toothbrush,laptop,camera and her favourite snapback.When everything was packed Hannah took a black bin bag from her bottom drawer in the kitchen and started to pack her duvet and pillows,pushing them in the bag like there was no tomorrow.Hannah then began to pack all of her cutlery and dishes,not that she had many.She couldn't pack anything else as all the paintings,decor and television had belonged to the landlord.She was almost ready to go,only she still had an hour until she was to move in with Grace.

"Shit,I got ready too early" said Hannah annoyed that she had to wait even longer.

Hannah turned around to look at the clock patiently for 10 minutes until she came up with the idea to have a shower as she didn't want Grace to see her in the state she was in.Hannah took her phone out of her left pocket and left it on the sink in hope that Grace would call her,or even Mamrie for that matter.Hannah turned on the tap and waited a while for the shower to warm up.Realising she had forgotten to take out a towel she waddled up to her suitcase and took out her favourite and softest towel.Half-naked Hannah remembered she had left the blinds open and wrapped the towel around herself feeling rather exposed.Going as quick as she could back into the bathroom,clumsy Hannah was to busy daydreaming to notice where she was going and walked staight into the wall beside the bathroom.An embarrassed Hannah casually strolled into the bathroom trying to make it look like nothing had happened.Hannah had just placed the towel on the towel rack when she heard a roar of laughter coming from the living room.She opened the bathroom door to see who it was and found a close-to-tears Mamrie laughing at Hannah's misfortune.

"What in the name of sweet baby Jesus are you doing here Mamrie!?"shouted Hannah trying to hide the fact that her cheeks were going a shade of red Mamrie had never seen before.

"You told me to come over and drop my spare key off and if you can't remember..well,then you probably got amnesia from whacking your head off that wall over there" laughed Mamrie

"Oh yeah,sorry.Thanks Mamrie.I need to have a shower now so if you would be so kind as to leave"

"Ohh you want me leave so you can shower.Right,just call me when your finished trying to look good to impress Grace"

"Mamrie how many times have I told you,I do not crush on straight girls!?Besides me and Grace are just friends.No more,no less.I wouldn't even want to date Grace,she's not my type" lied Hannah.

"Hannah I see the way you look at Grace.I'm your best friend,I notice these things.''

''Oh Mamrie,can you please stop acting so childish and just let me have a shower?''

''Oh okay,you be good now''

Mamrie exited the apartment and closed the door quietly on her way out.

Hannah went back into the bathroom and finally had her much anticipated shower.She used this time in the shower to reflect on what just happened with Mamrie.

''It's not that noticable,is it?What if Grace knows?No,no that would be silly,if Grace knew she wouldn't let me move in with her'' Hannah said trying to reassure herself.

Lost in her train of thought Hannah had forgot about time for a while.Her phone beeped and Hannah stopped the shower to check the text and time.

'1 new message from 'Graciee<3'

Hannah opened the text from Grace and realised how much of an idiot she was.

''SHIT!It's 4pm!I was supposed to be over at Grace's at 2pm!''

The text read:

''Hannah where the hell have you been?I've been waiting AGES!Please hurry up!:-)xx''

Hannah hurriedly hopped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around herself.Not bothering to dry her hair,Hannah put on her clothes extremely quickly.Picking up her suitcase,Hannah grabbed her car keys and opened the trunk of the car.Hannah threw her suitcase in the car and with no time to lose she ran back and picked up the rest of her luggage and threw it in the car.Slamming the door of the trunk closed,she pulled open the door to the driver's side,put the keys in and started the car.




Hearing a car outside her house,Grace ran outside to see Hannah trying to get her luggage out of the trunk.Grace snuck up on Hannah and gave her the tightest hug a person could give ,making Hannah drop her suitcase.Grace,still holding onto Hannah's shoulders pushed the shorter girl away,looked right into Hannah's blue eyes.Hannah looking lovingly back into Grace's brown eyes,not caring if her laptop or anything else had broken when she dropped her suitcase,was filled with excitement of having Grace give her a hug.

''Finally,you're here!'' said Grace

''Yup,I'm here'' said Hannah not being able to wipe the dopey looking smile off her face.


They stood there for several minutes just looking at each other.

''I've never noticed how blue your eyes were'' thought Grace aloud.

''Maybe that's because you havn't looked long enough.'' replied a crimson Hannah.

Out of the spur of the moment,Hannah closed her eyes and leaned in.Grace just laughed back in her face.

''Good one,Hannah'' laughed Grace

''Yeah,haha,funny'' laughed Hannah nervously.


So what should happen next?Did you enjoy it? If you're wondering why I havn't finished my 1D fanfic,it's because I creeped myself out too much while writing it so I stopped.If you have any questions or suggestions leave a comment maybe?:-)Also,I know I made a mistake in the description.I accidentally said 'Helbig' instead of 'Hartbig',and for that I apologise.


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