Little White Lies

Hannah is a 15 year old girl who regularly goes to school and has good grades. When she moves into a new home and a new school, she discovers 5 new boys in school and starts to hang around them. They eventually become close friends but Hannah has some dark hidden secrets. Hannah ends up lying to her friends and tries everyday to keep these secrets hidden.

How long can she keep these secrets hidden? What happens when her friends find out shes been lying the whole time? Will the real secrets come out? Or will her friendship between these boys be destroyed and fade away? Read to find out in Little White Lies!


8. Chapter 6

Hannah POV

It flew by, and before I knew it, I was outside in the courtyard waiting for those boys. But the only thing Im scared of, is them asking what happened. You ask what happened? Well, I dont like to talk about it. I had no option but to do it. It was for me, my mother, and my 21 year old brother. I did it for the best. I didnt want to, as he was a lovely man and he cared for me but he had so many dark secrets and tried to kill me. "Hey!" I turned to see the boys walking towards me. "Hey guys." I said blankly. "Whats the matter?" Liam asked. I nodded. "No, whats the matter?" He said again. A tear slipped and I sighed. "Hey, its ok. I have no idea why your crying, but maybe we can talk about it later?" I nodded, while he continued to hug me. I felt safe for some reason, and that I wanted to stay like this forever, but he probably has a girlfriend or something. "Can we go for nandos? IM HUNGRY!" Niall cried. I laughed abit and smiled.

"Urrrgh, fine! Lets go Nandos..." Harry said, as he started walking. Once we arrived at nandos, we all ordered something to eat and the rest went to sit down, while I stood next to Liam. "Go sit down..." Liam asked. I shook my head. "I need to pay for my meal..." He laughed and spoke. "We'll pay for it love, dont worry." I still shook my head. "No, Its my meal, I'll pay for it." "NO! Urrr...........I mean no. We want to pay for it. Please?! Its the least we can do." I sighed and went to go and sit down with the rest.

*2 hours later*

"Just here will do...." I smiled as Louis pulled up outside my new house. "We'll see you tomorrow I guess?" I nodded. "Yep, you will." I opened the car door and hopped out. I was just about to close the car door when Louis called after me. "Hannah!" I shut the door and took a few steps up to the drivers door, where Louis was. Louis rolled down the window. "Do you want us to pick you up at about 8am?" I nodded. "That would be great." I saw Harry smiling in the back with Niall in the front passengers smiling also. "Goodbye!" I walked up to my front door and turned around to wave goodbye. I smiled. They seem like they are my bestest friends and I can trust them with any secrets.

But that just makes me feel really guilty for telling lies to them earlier. I cant just tell them. They need to earn my trust, not just buy it. I feel safe around them. But I cant wait to see them. I walked inside and closed the front door behind me. I sighed with a happy smile on my face. "Someones Happy? Whats happened?" My mother asked, walking over to me and giving me a kiss on the forehead, followed by a hug. "Im popular again." My mother nodded. "I told you you'd be, didnt I?" I laughed. "I hate it when you're right!"

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