Little White Lies

Hannah is a 15 year old girl who regularly goes to school and has good grades. When she moves into a new home and a new school, she discovers 5 new boys in school and starts to hang around them. They eventually become close friends but Hannah has some dark hidden secrets. Hannah ends up lying to her friends and tries everyday to keep these secrets hidden.

How long can she keep these secrets hidden? What happens when her friends find out shes been lying the whole time? Will the real secrets come out? Or will her friendship between these boys be destroyed and fade away? Read to find out in Little White Lies!


6. Chapter 4

Hannah POV

I woke up to a breeze hitting my face. I slowly opened my eyes to see my mother carrying boxes inside a very lage - looking house. I took off my seat belt and stepped out of the car aned wandered up to the doors. "Oh, you're awake!" My mother replied cheerfully. "Please help with the boxes...." I nodded and followed my mother to car and picked up a box and walked inside and upstairs to my bedroom that my mum let me choose. I placed the box on floor and I sat down on my king sized bed. I looked out of the window to find it looked out to the fields and outside where my mother was with the car etc.

I got startled by a knock on my door. The door opened to find it my mum. "You like it?" I nodded. "I love it, but I miss the old home...." My smiled dropped and I looked up to my mother and smiled. "I love you mum!" I got down from my bed and hugged my mum. "I love you too sweetie. Im going to be downstairs unpacking if you need me, ok?" I nodded. "Ok." With that, my mum shut my door, leaving all my stuff in boxes for me to unpack. I sighed and got to work unpacking.

*Next day*


I groan and roll over to my alarm clock. 06:35am. Urgh! I rolled back over and lay in bed. I suddenly remembered why I've set my alarm so damn early. Im starting my new high school. I pull myself out of bed and take a quick shower. I get out and go into my room. I change into a nice black top with a skater skirt. I apply some make up and brush my hair and watch the curls in my hair bounce back into shape. I smiled at myself and packed my bag. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen to see my mother had already made my breakfast and was in the livingroom watching T.V. "Hi mum!" She turns to look at me nad smiles.

"Have a good sleep?" I nod, taking a mouthful of toast. "Lets goooo!" I walked towards the car and got in. The car ride was silent but I liked it, and I was feeling so nervous. I got out and said goodbye to my mum and walked towards the front of the school. I walked up to the front desk. A lady about 30ish looked up from her computer. "How may I help you?" "Um, Im new here. My name is Hannah Pervandes?" She nodded and tapped at the computer. "Ah, here you are...." She gave me my planner and timetable and I set off to my first lesson. Biology, in room B8. I followed my planner with the map. I got there though.

I walked straight to the teachers desk and immediately got looks from the boys and whistles behind me. I looked around the room to see if I could see where the noise was coming from. A group of boys near the back. I waved and smiled at them. They all smiled back. "Yeah, Hi! My name is Hannah, and Im new here?" He nodded. "Ah yes. Just sit in any of the empty seats." I walked to the back to sit near those boys.

"Psssst!" I looked to see it was the same boy who whistled at me earlier. "My name is Louis. And this is Liam,Zayn,Niall, and Harry." I looked at all the individual boys and smiled. DAMN! They are cute! Maybe mum was right after all! I basically ignored the teacher and pretended to listen, but actually I was listening to the very cute boys that I sit near. "I think we could become very good friends if you gave us a chance...." I learnt his name was Harry. He winked at me and smiled and walked out. I was just left to think.

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