Convergent (Full)

Lilith was never meant for Candor. The faction of truth has no place for a girl like her. So when she transfers to Erudite - the intelligence faction - at the choosing ceremony, the lack of surprise is evident. But when a mysterious cat leads her out into the city, will she discover that she made the wrong choice? And who is the strange boy in black?

Had to cut it down to 5000 words for a contest, but I enjoyed it so much I didn't wanna stop.


1. The Result

Erudite or Dauntless? Intelligence or Bravery? Where do I fit? The aptitude test is a test taken by all sixteen year olds over all five factions, each with its own trait: fearless people fit to Dauntless, intelligent to Erudite, kind to Amity, selfless to Abnegation, and honest to Candor. Annually, each teen in their final school year takes a test that will tell them their destiny, and then they must choose their own future next day. It can very occasionally produce two results, but I didn't expect that 'very occasionally' to be me!
"Lily!" My mother’s voice calls from the kitchen, snapping me from my thoughts. "Dinner!" I stumble into the kitchen - I've never had the grace of my mother or two sisters - to see the overly full plates on the table. Just the four. My father's working again. I haven't spoken to him in months. I know my sisters don't want to know what he does - scared that the answer would harm them more than the ignorance. But my curiosity - the trait that must have roped me into one of my aptitude test results being part Erudite - leads me to ask why my mother never brings it up. Being from Candor (honesty faction), everything we say should be the truth. I guess my mother can't tell us lies, so she can't tell us anything. I sit down quietly and pick up my fork, staring at my reflection as it turns in my fingers. I don't want to eat tonight.
"You okay, Lily?" my mother enquires, craning her neck to pull my attention from my daydream.
"Fine, just thinking." A lie.
"You sure? How was the test?" She asks, resting her fork on her plate and turning her full attention to me.
"Yeah, fine. Everything was fine." More lies. It's too obvious why I couldn't be Candor. "And my name's Lilith, mum. I hate the name Lily!"
"You know I don't like that name! That was your father's choice!" There. The blunt Candor honesty. My little sister Jamie, ignorant in her young age of just 8, speaks up, breaking our awkward silence.
"I hope Lil chooses Candor like Cathy! Then we can all be together! I'm gunna choose Candor!" I sigh inwardly. Cathy. My perfect older sister. She, like Jamie, inherited my father's pale hair and my mother's deep, brown eyes. While I'm stuck with my mother's red hair and my father’s dull, grey orbs. Of course, Cathy's faction test showed clear Candor. She helps my mum around the house, earns her own money and recently got engaged to the perfect Candor man. As much as her perfection irritates me sometimes, she's the only family member I can talk to. Jamie being too young and my mother being too narrow minded. She's also the only one who can tell when I'm lying. Which makes this situation very sticky.
After dinner, I head to my room. It is an unspoken rule that we be given thinking time after our aptitude test. The knock on my door suggests that someone didn't get that memo. I sigh and summon the person in. Cathy. She closes the door and sits on my bed.
"You're not gunna choose Candor tomorrow." She states, a little too bluntly.
"What? I mean... No... I mean... What?" I trip over my own words.
"I know you're not feeling okay about it, which says it's a tough decision." I try to object but am immediately cut off "And the fact you lied so easily to mum about feeling 'fine' shows me you're not cut out for Candor anyway." Ouch. Harsh... But true. Of course.
"Cath, you know I can't..."
"I know. No speaking about the simulation test!" A comforting, knowing smile spreads across her face "But I know you're clever enough and brave enough to make your own decision." Clever? Brave? How does she know? Am I that obvious? She winks at me and leaves me in my room with a full head and a sleepless night.

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