Convergent (Full)

Lilith was never meant for Candor. The faction of truth has no place for a girl like her. So when she transfers to Erudite - the intelligence faction - at the choosing ceremony, the lack of surprise is evident. But when a mysterious cat leads her out into the city, will she discover that she made the wrong choice? And who is the strange boy in black?

Had to cut it down to 5000 words for a contest, but I enjoyed it so much I didn't wanna stop.


7. The Fifth Fear

I slip through the buildings in the city until I find it. Nixon's shack. The lights glow inside, but there is no noise like there was yesterday.
I push the door, which slowly swings open, and step inside. I see him. Hunched over, sat on the crate opposite the door.
"Nixon?" I say, as gentle as possible. His blue eyes flick up to meet mine.
"Why did you come back?" He asks, his voice monotone, almost emotionless.
"Because you told me to." I confess, barely loud enough for him to hear, as I walk over and sit beside him. "Are you okay?"
"No, I was an ass to you yesterday. I'm sorry." He turns to face me. 
"What did I do wrong? Why did you run?" I ask quietly.
"Oh gosh, Lilith, no! You didn't do anything wrong! You were amazing." He takes my hand "It's not you-"
"'It's not you, it's me'? Little clichéd, don't you think?" I joke. He laughs.
"Yeah, but its right." His thumb glides over my knuckles. "I can't believe I want to tell you this. I've never told anyone, purely because of how stupid I sound. But you, the girl I met yesterday, I want to tell you."
"Tell me what?" I whisper, our eyes connecting again. 
"My fifth fear." He moves closer to me. "This..." He kisses me gently, yet I can still feel the hunger behind it. I push my fingers into his hair and kiss him more. He pulls away, and my body sags with disappointment.
"This is what I'm scared of." He whispers.
"Kissing?" I raise an eyebrow. Who's scared of kissing?
"What? No!" He laughs, and visibly relaxes slightly. "I thought you were supposed to be clever, Erudite."
"Enlighten me, Dauntless." I whisper, mockingly.
"I'm scared of intimacy, commitment, love. I'm scared of being with someone. Trusting them with my emotions." He sighs and drops his head. "When you kissed me, it wasn't like any kiss I'd shared before. It felt like it meant something, like you... You were what I needed. And that terrified me. So, I ran."
I stare at him in disbelief. That is a big confession.
"Oh crap! I've freaked you out, haven't I? Oh, man! Lilith I'm sorry! I didn't want to-" I cut him off with a kiss.
"I felt it too." I whisper. Our foreheads touch and we spend some time just sat there, silent.
"I need your help," I say, a smile crawling up my face.
"Sure. What?"
"Show me what it's like to be Dauntless?"

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