The misteltoe

I'm the famous Harry Styles. I'm dating the Victoria's Secret model Brandon Lightley. She is a diva, but she is hot. This christmas I'm going to a Christmas party together with Bandon and her sister. But, what happens when Harry is walking into someone and they realise they are standind right under the mistletoe?


1. Chapter One

I scrolled my contacts. Brandon Girlfriend' was her contact name. I called her.

Brandon Lightley.

Hi, Brandon. This is Harry Styles, your boyfriend.

Oh, Yeah sure.

Well, I wanted to ask if you will go to the christmaspartu with me tomorrow?

Is it christmas tomorrow?

No, but will you go with me?

Oh, my boyfriend just asked me, sorry.

Brandon, I am your boyfriend.

Oh, well! Then I'll come. Can my little freakin' sister follow?

Yeah sure.

I'm sorry. She's ugly, fat and a bitch.

Uh... Bye.

I hang up. That's why I don't like her sometimes. She's terrible to people. But she is hot.

I walked out on the street and in to a store.

I chosed a pair of earrings to Brandon and a necklace with a silverpapersplane to her sister. I buyed them and headed home.

I changed from usual clothes to a black costume with a red tie. Then I drived home to Brandon and knocked at the door. Her sister opened. She was really stunning. She didn't look like Brandon. She was quite opposite. She was quite short and she had wavy blond hair and green eyes. Brandon had brown flat hair and blue eyes.

"Hi, I'm Harry." I said, not taking my eyes from her.

"I'm Georgie. Brandon is coming any second." She said shyly.

"Harry! Nice to see you again!" Brandon interrupted.

"Brandon." I said putting on a fake smile. "Well, lets go my ladies." I said and Georgie chuckled her very cute chuckle.

"So, how old are you Georgie?" I asked trying break the tense in the limo.

"Eighteen." She said low.

"Aha." I said.

It was very lucky because the driver said that we were there in that moment.

On the party I mingled and said hi to people I knew. Brandon was flirting with some manmodels. I walked around in the room staring at my feets when I walk into someone.

"Sorry." I say looking up. There stood Georgie. Her face was white and pale and it was like she couldn't speak.

"Has something happened, Gorgie?" I asked. Her finger pointed at something over us and I looked up.

Oh no... Brandon is going to be mad...

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