Story Of My Life (True Story tied in with 1D FanFic)

Hi I am Rosie this is a true story about my life but ive tied a 1d fan fiction in with it.

I haven't had a great 14 years of life and this is how they saved my life.


1. It Started When I Was 6

Hi I'm Rosie i am 14 years old. My dad is an alcoholic and my parents are divorced because of what my dad did when i was 9. I now have really bad depression of what has gone on. I was born in Woking, England on January 10th 2000 and moved to Salisbury when i was 14th months old and that's when my brother Alexander was born. Then in 2008 we moved to Burnley in Lancashire. But my parents divorced in 2009 and my mum myself and my brother moved back to Salisbury in 2011 and now since may 2013 we live in Collingbourne Kingston.


It all started when i was six, he started to hit me, pick me up by my neck and slam me against the wall.It got worse when mum wasn't there or when he was drunk. He would always have a go at me for little reasons like not putting my shoes in the rack or cleaning my room when my friends were there. I didn't have an idea of what was going on i thought it was normal but now i realize its not. I am now having counselling well help but its not professional counseling its with a guy called Daniel from a charity called SPLITZ.


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