I Want You

(Sequel to I Found You)

"I never stopped loving you Lexa. I just stopped trying so hard... because I clearly wasn't getting anywhere." He confesses to me.
"I push people away,that's what I do. I'm damaged.. I've always been. You've given me your heart time and time again... and I've just played with it and I'm so sorry for that,I truly am." I spoke to him.


I guess you could say I'm broken. After so many relationships,
I still hope that there is someone out there for me.. someone who will be there with me through every obstacle. The funny thing is I didn't really that he was right in front of me.


5. Where have you been?


Zayn's POV:
I take a hard blow to the face and   quickly shake it off. I swing a punch at the guy's jaw making him fall to the floor with a loud thud. 
He struggles to try and get up,
 I push him back down hitting him once more. Then I start kicking him nonstop. I hear a loud ding and people cheering, I won.  
After the match I put on my black hoodie and grab my bag. I was about to walk out but I stop when I see Danny. "Nice match today Malik. You've got another one this weekend, you better not disappoint me." He says than walks away. I put a cigarette in my mouth as I go leave the building. 

Alexa's POV:

"I'm so glad you two made up,
 I couldn't see you hurting any longer." Harry says. I nod my head at him and smile. Syd had left to go to her hotel room, she was going to come back again tomorrow. There was a silence between us for a few seconds then I spoke. 
"Harry, what are we?" I ask playing with my fingers. "What do you mean what are we?" 
He asks.
"You know what I mean." I tell him,  grabbing his hand and staring at him. "We're whatever you want us to be." He says kissing my hand.
 I smile. "I want us to be more than friends." He looks deep into my eyes, then he leans in to kiss me. I stop him when I hear a noise.  I look up to see Zayn walking through the door. He quickly goes up the stairs with his hood over his head. "Zayn!" I shout at him. 
He doesn't says anything back and just slams the door. "Seriously where the hell does he go all day?" I ask Harry. "I don't know, he doesn't say much to me anymore. I think Perrie broke him." He tells me. "Well I'm gonna figure out where he keeps going." "And how exactly do you plan to do that?" Harry asks raising his eyebrows. "I'm going to follow him tomorrow." I say. "Lexa I don't think that's a good idea." He tells me. "Why is it not a good idea? I'm worried about him Harry, he leaves the house at the same time every night and I swear he comes back with bruises on his face." "He just might not be going to a safe place and I don't want you to get hurt." He says squeezing my hand. "We'll if your that worried about my safety just come with me." I say.  "I just might." "Okay, he leaves every night at seven so we can follow him then." 

~Next Day~

"Why did you hurt Niall?" Syd questions me. "Maybe because he hurt Harry." I tell her. "What do you mean he hurt Harry?" She asks me confused. "Oh Niall didn't tell you? He beat the shit out of Harry, and he didn't tell me. Instead I had to find out myself when Harry came over." 
I say. "But I don't understand why Niall would do that.." She mumbles. "He said something about how he was trying to protect me, but I've known Harry my whole life and I don't think I need to be protected from him." 
I tell her. "I'm still quite confused about what was going through my idiot brother's head when he punched Harry." Syd says shaking her head at me. "So am I." "I understand why you broke up with him. I just don't like seeing him hurt, even though I know he deserved it." She tells me. I nod understanding. Our conversation is stopped when her phone buzzes. She looks at it and smiles. "Who is it?" I ask her curious. "My boyfriend." She tells me. "What you have a boyfriend?" I ask her in shock. "Yeah..." She says. "Well who the hell is this boyfriend of yours?"
 I ask nudging her. "Ashton." She grins. "Oh my god I always thought that you two would be perfect for each other!" I say. 
"Oh stop!" She says hitting my arm. "I'm not lying." I laugh at her. 
 "He's back at the hotel waiting, he surprised me this morning and came to see me." She tells me, smiling again as she gets another text. "I should probably get going.." She says standing up.
 I stand up as well and hug her. "Have fun with your boyfriend!"
 I smirk at her. "Shut up Lexa!" Her face turns red. She opens up the door and walks outside. "Bye!" I shout at her. "Bye!" She yells back to me.

~7 o'clock~
Harry and I sit in the living room acting like we're watching tv so we can follow Zayn. I look at the time on my phone. "He should be coming downstairs at any moment." I mumble to Harry. 
And just as I say that Zayn stomps down the stairs and walks out the front door without making any eye contact with us. "Let's go." Harry tells me grabbing the car keys. 
He's about to open up the door when I stop him. "Wait for him to get in his car first!" I snap at him. "Jeez sorry babe." He holds his hands up in defense because of my sudden attitude. I glace out the window and see him about to start his car. "Come on." I say to Harry grabbing his hand and pulling him out the door.  
We stay behind Zayn and we finally arrive to a boxing stadium. "I've heard of this place, there's been a lot of problems with drugs and violence here." I tell Harry. "Now I'm really glad I came with you." He tells me.
 We get out of the car and go inside to a big hall type room. 
We could barely move through the large crowds. "Hey beautiful." 
A man smoking a cigarette says to me. Harry gives the guy a dirty look and grabs hold of my hand squeezing it tightly. He keeps walking pulling me along behind him.  Fear swarms my body as we keep walking further into the building. Harry senses it and places his hand on my waist keeping me closely next to him.  What could Zayn be doing here? I ask myself. We finally reach the center of the room where there's a big boxing ring. We find seats and sit down. I look around hoping to see Zayn, but I don't. 
Two men behind us start arguing and I listen to the conversation. 
"Malik is definitely going to win this match today." One guy says. "No it's going to be Fletcher."
 The other one says. I take grasp of Harry's hand and start panicking. "Did you hear those two men behind us?" I whisper in his ear. He nods his head and puts his other hand on my leg trying to calm me down. 
Zayn was going to fight? 
I was not prepared for this...

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