I Want You

(Sequel to I Found You)

"I never stopped loving you Lexa. I just stopped trying so hard... because I clearly wasn't getting anywhere." He confesses to me.
"I push people away,that's what I do. I'm damaged.. I've always been. You've given me your heart time and time again... and I've just played with it and I'm so sorry for that,I truly am." I spoke to him.


I guess you could say I'm broken. After so many relationships,
I still hope that there is someone out there for me.. someone who will be there with me through every obstacle. The funny thing is I didn't really that he was right in front of me.


3. Broken Pieces


Alexa's POV:


I start to realize how stupid it seems. Harry must think that I'm so weak, so vulnerable. "Harry...why are you doing this?" I ask him wiping away the last of my tears. "Doing what?" He asks giving me a confused look. "Being here for me still, after all the shit I've put you through." He stays silent. He opens his mouth about to speak but no sound escapes. I stand up ready to leave the room but Harry reaches for me, taking hold of my hand. "We always need someone who can be there to put the broken pieces back together Lexa. And that's what I'm here for, because no matter how fucking hard you push me away I'm still going to be here. What does that tell you? He asks placing his hands on both sides of my face. "That I don't deserve you." I say looking down. "No. It tells you that I'm in love with you and I want us to be together." He leans in placing his soft lips on mine. I rest my hand on the back of his neck and pull him closer. We both pull away when we hear a knocking on the door. "I'll be right back." I say kissing his lips once more. The doorbell rings continuously as I make my way down the stairs. "Coming!" I shout. I open the door and I was not happy with who was standing in front of me. "Sydney?" I say my voice basically a whisper. "We need to talk." She told me. Before I could protest she had already walked through the door. 

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