Little Black Dress

**Book One in Midnight Memories series**

"Your beautiful" "I love you" are just a few things Ally heard when she was sharing her first time with a drunken nineteen year old boy.

Her black dress flowed down to right above her knees, when she leaned into take a laugh at one of her friends sudden jokes.
Harry- the tattooed boy everyone was afraid of- watched her every move from the other side of the room. A few drunk boys went up to her, touching her thigh, but she wouldn't let it get to far.


1. Chapter One- C'mn C'mn

The loud music ringing from the house when we pulled up outside. It's been awhile since we done these types of things since college, but it's time again. The neon lights shimmered through the stained glass windows, the screams and laughs from other people my age let me know there was a lot of alcohol at the party. "Ready?" I asked my friend before she linked arms with me.

"Ready." She responded before we ran in and began dancing to whatever song the DJ played.


"Okay, everyone grab a partner, we're going to slow things down a bit." The DJs voice got deeper as he finished the sentence. I stepped off the dance floor, my best friend, Ally, getting all the boys to make a circle around her.

"May I-I have t-this, uhm dance?" A curly mopped headed boy approached me, digging his converse into the carpet. I nodded, taking his hand and dragging him out to the floor. "So I haven't seen you around here, where you from?" He held in loosely to my waist, as we conversed.

"Washington State University." I screamed over the loud music starting to play again. He nodded, almost disappointed. "I graduate this spring." I continued seeing more of a small smile play on his lips.


Harry POV

Seeing her walk into the house, like she owned it, gave me chill bumps. Her dress coming up just over the knees, drove me wild, but what really drug me over to her was her laugh. So far, I hadn't caused her to laugh uncontrollably yet. I'm stupid, how could I get her. She's gorgeous and I'm... not.


"You ready to go," her friend asked her, she nodded.

"Give me one minute," she took my arm and neatly wrote her number and name on my arm.

Ashleigh Horn


I would never forget it. I pulled my sleeve down, and ran to the emptiest room in the house, and calmly typed her into my phone before going back out.


The rest of night wasn't to big of a deal, a few forgetful kisses from a drunk girl, a few dances with a group, but if I could I would leave. Sadly, though, I live here. I can't leave my house in the middle of a my party. Can I?

"Harry, buddy, you feeling okay?" Steven patted my back, passing me a drink of alcohol. I chugged half the drink, not feeling anything.

"Yeah, fine." I gave him a thumbs up, chugging the rest. Feeling guilty after, which I really don't know why. I always get drunk.

I felt myself, uncontrollably, making my way to my room, yawning every once in awhile.


I woke up with a ringing in my head, even the tiniest sound giving me pain. I rubbed my temples, trying to calm my massive headache.

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