I want to write a teen romance that is sort of the epitome of teen romances. I want to include as many silly tropes as possible.
Is this love that I'm feeling? Yes. It's love. And it's instant. It's instalove.


1. the not-so-perfect perfect girl

Scout is your average seventeen-year-old girl. Her parents own a mansion in a suburb of a thriving metropolis. They are constantly working in said metropolis, so they are rarely home in said mansion. This leaves the house mainly in Scout's possession, used at her whim for her purpose.

So, okay... Maybe Scout isn't so average in this way. But she definitely average in all of the ways that count.

She's maybe a little bit awkward and clumsy. At 5'9", she is easily one of the tallest girls in her school. She's pretty much the same height as most of the boys, too, which intimidates many of them. So, the whole romance thing... Yeah, she doesn't hold the highest hopes for herself. Because she's not so confident, she doesn't realize how beautiful of a person she actually is, and she tends to hide herself behind her oversized glasses and her dad's old workshirts from his early days as a mechanic before his patent completely changed to motor oil industry. Oh, and maybe she's a little bit of a sucker for classic cars, but she hides that from people because she thinks it's weird.

So, yeah, Scout's just about your average girl.

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