If you only knew me...

Justin: "why does my dad hate me? Why do some kids pick on me at school? Why do they have to judge me for every little thing? Only if they knew me...."


5. My love..

Chapter 5:

I start thinking to myself. Is it really worth it? Ending my life right now? At this younge early age? Leave my mom behind? No. I wont leave my mom alone during this situation with this monster living in our house. Fuck my dad. Im staying for my mom.
Justin gets off the chair. He gets the rope and hides it under his bed. He gets in his bed and covers himself up. Sobbing his eyes out. It was pretty late already. He showered and brushed his teeth. He didnt eat. He got back in bed and went to sleep. 
Finally my alarm clock wakes me up at the correct time. I hope today is a better day. Wait wtf. I just remembered, im suspended. Wow. Im an idiot. Lol oh well. ill go back to bed then. 
Justin goes back in bed. He wakes up at 1 in the afternoon. He gets up, brushes his teeth, and showers. He goes down stairs. Theirs no one home. Hea home alone. So he goes up stairs, reaches under his covers, and gets his weed. He rolls one up and smokes it. He smokes for about a hour. He then puts it away and walks out. He goes to the store to buy some junk food. He wants in the store and goes to the soda section. He sees this girl that he knows at school. 
Oh shit. Thats the girl i always see at school. I kinda have a crush on her. Shes so beautiful. Just everything about her is perfect. I mean i know shes not a slut because she gets straight A's and shes super nice. I think ill go talk to her. To see wat shea doing here. 
Justin walks up to the girl. 
Justin: selena?
Selena: justin? What you doing here?
Justin: ohh you know. Just buying stuff. 
Selena: ohh same here. Just buying stuff for my mom. 
Justin: ohh thats cool(:
Selena: yeah...umm how are you feeling?
Justin: im doing great...
Selena: no need to lie. Tell me. 
Justin: well im-
Selena: your suicidal. Yeah i know. 
Justin: how do you know?
Selena: well ive seen cuts on your wrists and you come to school with red eyes like youve been crying yourself to bed. 
Justin: well yeah i have. 
-selena gives justin a big hug. 
Selena: ill always be here for you. Ok justin? 
-justin hugs back-
Justin: thank you selena. 
Selena: anything for you. Well i got to go. I'll see you later. Ok?
Justin: ok but do you wanna hang out later?
Selena: umm like around what time?
Justin: 8?
Selena: perfect. Pick me up?
Justin: sure. 
Selena: ok see you soon. Bye
-selena gives a kiss on justins cheek-
Justin: bye. 
Wow. What just happened? Did selena actuallu talked to me today? Or am i dreaming? No. This is real life. Selena actually talked to me. Holy shit. I think life is getting a bit better for me. 
Justin buys all the things he needs and heads home. Its 5:00 but no one is home. Not yet. Justin puts all the stuff in his room. He goes inside his closet. But he doesnt know what to wear. He just throws on a black tank top. You know, to show off his sexy tattooes. With black skinny jeans and black supras. He puts on a chain and a pair of his lucky diamond earrings. Put some colone on & he was ready. He just waited for the clock to strike 8:00 
Wow. I actually have a date with the justin bieber. One of the hottest guys in school. Omfg im so excited for this date. I really really like him but i dont know if he feels the same fore me. Ohh i dont know im just gunna go to my cloest and see wat to wear. 
Selena goes to her closet. She puts on purple short-shorts and a short crop white shirt. Then she puts on her white supras. A silver knecklace that says "iLoveYou" she sprays some perfume on and shes ready to go. 
Fuck can time hurry the fuck up. Im getting tired of waiting. What if she doesnt want to go? Nahhh who wouldnt wanna go with me? I drop dead hot. Lmao. Anyways i just hope this night goes well like i hope. I really like selena. 
Justin looks at the clock and its 7:55. Hes getting ready to leave but then he hears someone pull up at the driveway. Its his father. Justin gets worried. What if his dad ruins his perfect plan?.....


(Thats all i have for now😛 but ill probably write another one tomorrow. I hope you guys really like it. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS AND FAN ME PLEASE._. Lol cx ok well enjoy my story❤) 

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