Girl like me?

Tess is a Shy teenager from Wales, A+ student, Goodie Goody, Bullied,Lonely,Depressed and self harming... She doesn't mind the loneliness its the depression and self harming that consumes her... She's and only child... she has only her father, her Guitar, her Books and Poetry.

But what happens when outgoing and crazy boy Louis Tomlinson arrives at school with his world-wide famous band One Direction and falls in love with little shy Tess?

Will she fall too? Or will her self-destructive ways doom her only chance of love?


2. Want it

Tess P.O.V

Why do i want his love so bad?! Yet i reject it?, these thoughts have been traveling through my mind the whole night...

I groaned as the sound of my alarm ran threw the room making me groan in frustration , i plopped onto the floor and crawled to the bathroom mumbling nonsense like - I wonder how long it takes them to make gum, Why is it so stretchy? - etcetera, etcetera.

I climbed into the shower and did my normal routine Shower, Brush your teeth, Wash your hair you know all of that stuff.

I slipped on my glasses and ran to my room and slipped on my bra and underwear. I wore my Black leggings with little white hearts on it,a white v-neck, My Never stop dreaming sweatshirt and a pair of white converses. I let my long chestnut hair fall to my hips, and jogged downstairs grabbing my bag taking a pop tart and walking out of the house.

I walked down the beautiful streets admiring the scenery here and there as Decorations by Yuna filled my ears. It didn't take me long to reach the place i dreaded the most,School.

I kept my head low suddenly putting a lot of interest into my white Chuck Taylor's. As i shuffled into the school feeling their penetrating gazes.

I reached my locker and was very surprised to see Louis leaning on it his gaze glued on his iPhone 4s. " U-uh Louis? " i asked starring at him my eyebrows furrowed " Hey Tess! " he smiled enveloping me into a hug. 

​The whispers, The gazes, The laughing all stopped when he hugged me. It felt like the world had died down and it was just us. It felt like nothing else mattered but me and him, Like the worlds problems weren't ours and we were in another dimension. Why is it when something feels so right it ends up being so wrong? Why did i have to hide what i felt? I know we just met but Love at first sight does exist well at least i hope so, because i know these feelings i have can't just be a fluke.

But then i remembered why i can't do this, for starters when he gets to know the real me he will be disgusted by the disgrace i am, Elena Collins, Rumours, Stories, Whispers all these things seemed so little to a normal person but to me they were worst than daggers and knives. 

I pushed him off me gently as i stared back at my White Chuck taylor's " L-Louis just stop this. Please just stop this. " i said softly a lump in my throat forming as my hair covered my hideous face. 

He looked perplex for a little while but soon understood what i meant and nodded sadly walking away.

I sighed and turned to my locker resting my head on it. Why wasn't Elena, Caroline and Bonnie here? I mean they never miss an opportunity to humiliate me or make me feel worthless so why weren't they here waiting for me at my locker? 

The bell rang sending students shuffling to class. The usual shoving and laughing from various random students didn't surprise me. I opened my locker and stared at my time table looking for my first period class. My eyes roamed the little white sheet of paper and stopped at First period. Gym. Great.


I huffed and turned around walking to the back of the school and entering the gymnasium. We get 15 minutes to change so most people were just talking with their group of friends. I walked over to the gym lockers and took my gym bag.

I quietly entered the girls changing room and walked into the back stall avoiding any eye contacts with anybody. Once i reached my destination i stripped and stared at the cuts on   my thighs, I shivered at the thoughts of the nights were the razor was my best friend and music was my shoulder to cry on.

I slowly stripped of my clothes leaving me in my simple bra and underwear. I grabbed my grey muscle tank on it that exposed my stomach and my little piercing the one i had gotten the day my mother died. I slipped it on and wore my black LOVE PINK sweatpants, I put my hair into a high ponytail. Lastly i wore my Nike free run shoes in Mint and walked out of the changing room, my gym bag swung across my shoulders containing my school clothes.

I walked out the door my head low like always as most girls called me a slut, attention whore and many more. I felt penetrating gazes on me as i put my gym bag in the lockers. After 15 minutes passed Coach Phillips called us all in front of him as he stood on a podium. " Everybody give me 20 laps of this gym NOW! " he ordered scurrying us away.

I began jogging slowly when Caroline jogged past me pushing me. I fell into someones arms and glanced up to see a pair of Green eyes and a dimple smile. " T-Thanks Harry " i said softly as i continued to jog around the gym.

- After Gym- 

I slowly walked out being pushed by several kids when someone grabbed my hand and pushed me into a wall.

I groaned as i slid down the brick wall. I looked up to see Caroline, Elena and Bonnie smirking at me. " That little stunt you pulled in the halls? Hugging MY boyfriend!? " Elena spat glaring at me " Well time for you punishment you little twat " she continued as she kicked me in my sides. " Oh and you think you deserve Harry Fucking Styles to catch you? Your just a little slut so don't fucking get your hopes up cause they are OURS! YOU HEAR US ME !? " Bonnie growled punching me in the stomach. I clutched my stomach as i winced in pain, tears streaming down my eyes.

" HELP " i yelled as the air was slowly leaving my lungs. " Don't fucking try to scream for help nobody is going to help you ok? you little bitch " Caroline smirked slapping me across the face, The stinging feeling burned as i raised my hand above my head to defend myself. " Don't you fucking dare prick " Elena barked tearing my hands of my head and slamming me into the wall. " Were going to come back you little bitch to finish you off understood?! so don't go telling anyone if not well you'll be with your mother soon " Bonnie smirked punching me in the stomach before leaving Caroline and Elena hot on her chase.

I grunted in pain as i slowly tried to get up from the cold floor. I touched the back of my head and realized it was bleeding, I got up slowly and limped to my next period class, Biology. Before i entered the class i stopped by the girls toilet to examine how bad they beat me up. Black eye, bloody head, bloody forehead, Bruises all over, My cheek red from Caroline's Slap and I'm limping. Great..

I grabbed my books and gently walked to my class. I twisted the golden knob and all attention was on me. The teachers head snapped around and her face slowly drained colour as she saw me, I looked up holding my ribs for my dear life at the sudden pain shooting threw me, The boys were starring at me horror on their faces " I-Im Sorry " was all i could manage to say before the world turned into the bittersweet life of oblivion.





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