Werewolf Luck

Cooper isnt an ordinary teenage boy but he dosen't know that, yet. When he finds out what his true identity is, he is scared of himself. He falls in love with Ella but has to fight for her against Dave, the packs leader.
Follow Cooper on his journey to dicover his true identity...


3. The Prophecy

“What is this about Dave? Why do you need us here on a Monday night?” Luke questioned as he walked with Dave toward the gathered group.

“I will not say it more than once and that one time will be to the whole pack” they walked the rest of the way in silence.

“I have ordered this gathering today, to inform you all that the prophecy is coming true. Cooper Whitman is becoming friends with my brother – the pack leader’s younger sibling.” Dave was standing on the top of the big rock in the centre of the clearing.

“What was the prophecy about again?” Ella, one of the newest members of the pack, asked. Ella was 18 years old, she had dark chocolate brown hair and deep brown eyes. It was fair to say that all the males of the pack wanted to be with her. Yet they all knew that she would be Dave’s, unless another wanted to fight to the death and become the pack leader just to get her…

“Ella, darling. The prophecy is pretty simple. Simple enough for even Luke.  He can tell you what it is.”

 “Oh, um, well… It was said a few years ago that a young boy named Cooper would discover his werewolf luck later than usual. It was also said that he would find and become friends with the pack leader’s younger brother.”

“COME ON LUKE! YOU FORGOT THE MAIN PART!!” Dave was angry now.

“Right. He will also fall in love with the packs’ youngest female” Luke looked toward Ella. “He’s going to fight Dave for you, Ella. And it’s not going to be just any fight. It’s going to be a fight to the death.”

Ella gasped. “But that can’t be true. If Cooper hasn’t found out what he truly is on time, then he is an outcast and a weakling. How is this happening?”



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