Werewolf Luck

Cooper isnt an ordinary teenage boy but he dosen't know that, yet. When he finds out what his true identity is, he is scared of himself. He falls in love with Ella but has to fight for her against Dave, the packs leader.
Follow Cooper on his journey to dicover his true identity...


5. The Discovery

Josh and I had gone to bed early that night. Dave and his friends had stayed up around a campfire we had all built before it had gotten too dark to see. I had felt very sick before I had gone to bed, it had only gotten stronger.

I was having a weird dream – I was out in the woods when suddenly a wolf jumped out at me. I struck out at it with what I thought was my hand but it looked more like a paw, a dog paw even.

Suddenly I woke. Most of the pain from before was gone. I looked around the room, Josh had disappeared. The bed he had been lying in next to mine was messy with the blanket thrown back. I could hear voices outside, covered with lots of laughter. I thought I could pick Dave’s’ voice out of the group. I moved to stand up and go outside but fell over instead. I looked down at myself and screamed in horror, it didn’t come out as a scream, it sounded more like a howl. I was covered in fur, thick brown fur. Instead of hands and feet I had the big, fluffy paws of a wolf. I tried to scream again as Dave and Josh came running in. I rolled over as Josh gasped, looking up I see the horror in his face. Taking in Josh’s expression, I turned to face Dave. He had a mix of emotions written on his face – horror, angry, scared – all mixed into one, semi-scary facial expression. The next thing I know, I’m running toward the door. Dave pushes Josh out of the way and dives at me then, he too, turns into a wolf.

“Cooper, calm down. Your all right, everything is going to be fine. Just calm down.” I listened to those words but not with them going through my ears, I heard them from inside my head. As Dave said to do, I closed my eyes and calmed down, I could fell my pulse slowing and the rush of blood in my ears was quickly going too. Before I knew it, I had completed calmed down. I looked up to Dave standing in front of me, no longer in the shape of a wolf. Looking down I find that I too was human again.

“What happened to me?” I asked desperate for an answer.

“You have werewolf blood in your veins, just like me, just like every one of my friends outside. Are you willing to join my pack?”

“Whao, whao, hold up. So first you tell me that I’m a werewolf, then that you are and everyone else outside is? Then that you want me to ‘join’ your pack? What about Josh? Is he a werewolf too?” Millions of questions were running through my head, but I only said the main, most important ones.

“Yes Josh is a werewolf. But like you, until now, he hasn’t maturated enough for it to take effect. Most werewolf find out about their true identity when their 17.”

“But I’m 18, why didn’t I find out then?”

“There are a few things that you don’t need to know just yet. You’ll find out soon enough though…” with that Dave started to walk toward the door.

“Wait! What am I supposed to do now?” I yell after him.

“You should try to get some sleep, changing for the first time can be very draining. Good night.” I climbed back into bed. Pulling the covers up, I closed my eyes and drifted slowly off to sleep.



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