Werewolf Luck

Cooper isnt an ordinary teenage boy but he dosen't know that, yet. When he finds out what his true identity is, he is scared of himself. He falls in love with Ella but has to fight for her against Dave, the packs leader.
Follow Cooper on his journey to dicover his true identity...


2. Party


“Hi, Luke, I need a hand?” Dave was on the phone to his best friend Luke after Cooper had left. Without waiting for a reply, he said his next instruction. “I need you to alert the pack, it’s an emergency. I need a meeting ASAP.”

“Oh, um, OK Dave… But the pack is sort of out for a party at the moment? Where do you want to meet us?”

“Where’s the party at?”

“183 Maple Street?”  There was a question in his voice?

“Sure, be there in 10 minutes. With the WHOLE pack Luke, or your out of a job” The threat was there and it was strong. Luke got to work gathering the pack immediately.

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