because of lux


2. chapter 2

belles P.O.V

i came off stage after i had finished and walked over to lou harry and lux harry was the first to speak

"you were amazing " she said quickly lou just looked at him and shook her head then turned and looked at me

"you truly were "

"thanks " i said blushing

"oh have you got your bag packed " lou asked

"yep ready to rock and roll " i said smiling

"wait what ?" harry said looking from me to lou .

"oh yeah belles staying at mine for the week while her apartment gets fumigated"

"ohh...ok"he said i just looked at him funny it really wasnt that bad was it? after that awkward encounter we went home .

we were all laughing as we got through door , harry had fallen down on the way home and was absolutly covered in mud .i was on the floor almost crying with laughter when harry roared

"oh you think this is funny do you?"

i tryed to stop laughing but i couldn't

"yeah actually i do you look ridiculous" i said smirking

and with that he was off chasing me through the house . he finaly caught me and spun me around and hugging me to his chest getting me covered in mud ,as he put me back down i slipped on a a bit of mud causing harry.who was still in my arms, to fall down on top of me .he didnt move he just looked at me and at my lips .he dipped his head and kissed my softly . just then lou burst in .

"oi you two if you think im gonna clean this mess youve got another thing coming " she said sternly it almost made me laugh god she really looked like a mother right now .

" ill clean it " harry said getting off me fast . the rest of the night went really slowly .i still couldnt believe he actually kissed me .


this was going to make the day on the boat really awkward.




A/N hey guys thanks for reading i know this chapter is really short and crappy but i needed i filler cause shit goes down on the boat tomorrow

xoxo brittany




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